Fall Foliage Cruise

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Classic Harbor Line is waiting to take you on relaxing cruises up the Hudson

Being a city dweller, we may not always find the time or have the opportunity to get out of the city, breathe the fresh crisp air, and take in the stunning fall colors.
If you are like us when we think about packing a day bag, renting a car, or taking a train, car service, and figuring out where to go to see the best view for fall foliage, by the time we get through all the planning conversation, were already exhausted.
What if I were to told you that you can take a quick cab to Chelsea Piers, from anywhere in the city it’s about 10 minutes, walk just a few steps to find the most luxurious yachts awaiting you, quickly whisking you away for a 2.5-hour yacht cruise up the Hudson River?

Yacht Manhattan

Sail up the Hudson River to the Grand Palisades

Well then, I’m telling you to pack a small bag with just your camera and a snack, as Classic Harbor Line is waiting to take you on relaxing cruises. Sail up the Hudson River to the Grand Palisades, where you and your guests will see sites such as:
  • The beautiful Upper West Side of Manhattan
  • The majestic George Washington Bridge & the Little Red Lighthouse
  • The Riverside Cathedral, Grant’s Tomb & the Cloisters
  • Hudson River Valley up to within view of Tappan Zee Bridge
  • Palisades Park – one of New York’s most dramatic geological features riverside features

Yacht Kingston

Classic Harbor Line’s Grand Palisades Fall Foliage Cruises 

Motor up the Hudson River on Friday-Sunday only, until November 15. This 2.25-hour excursion is offered on Fridays with a 2:00 pm departure, and on Saturdays and Sundays with departures at 10:00 am, 10:15 am, and 1:00 pm on either Manhattan or Manhattan II.

$104/Adult when purchasing 2 or 3 tickets; $88/Adult when purchasing 4 or more tickets. Indoor climate-controlled assigned seating and outdoor seating available (Merv-rated Hepa filters installed for indoor air circulation). Hot beverages like homemade cocoa, tea, coffee, as well as fall-themed cocktails like the New York Apple with made-in-New York components of apple whiskey, apple cider, and sparkling wine are available, first-round complimentary.”

Yacht Manhattan


Classic Harbor Line’s Grand Palisades Fall Foliage 

Schooner Sails travel up the Hudson River on Saturday and Sunday only until November 8. This 3.5-hour excursion has departures at 11:00 am on schooner Adirondack, their 80-foot sailboat and at 11:15 am on schooner America 2.0, their 105-foot sailboat. $88 per adult, $64 per child (Please no children under 3). Complimentary beverages included; warm coats, winter accessories, and lap blankets encouraged.


Schooner Adirondack

For reservations for these fall excursions: https://classicharborline.com/nyc/ 
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