How Lord Jameson is Revolutionizing Dog Treats

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Downtown Living, Pets

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.26.35 AMWith the holidays right around the corner, gift giving doesn’t only have to be for your loved ones — they can be for your furry friends, too!

Downtown spoke to Sarah Goldberger, founder of Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie, who is a proud dog-mom who has created a tasty and healthy artisanal treat for pups. The idea for the treat balls came to fruition from her loving dog, Jameson.

“[Jameson] is a 6-year-old cocker spaniel who became a professional certified therapy dog in New York City in 2012,” Goldberger shared. “I wanted to design a brand that would honor the love and devotion that dogs have brought into the lives of humans for hundreds of years and celebrate the incredible bond they share.”

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Photo: Katelyn Perry/We Work

Goldberger believes there is no better way to do so “than with a fancy culinary experience, that is healthy of course!”

The treat balls are made from 100% organic products that you can find on any Whole Foods shelf. Each treat is handcrafted by a professional pastry chef, ensuring that love and passion is rolled into every bite.

Coconut products are used in some form for every treat recipe, whether it is coconut oil, water or raw coconut. Using coconut is an important part of the Lord Jameson recipe because it’s great for dogs’ digestion, skin and coat and fights bacterial infections. Flavors come in Simply Coconut and Blueberry Bliss, with promises of other flavors soon on the way for the holiday season!

Goldberger has received great response ever since she launched Lord Jameson.

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our recipes,” Goldberger said. “We receive communication from our customers — new and old– regularly sharing the excitement and addiction that their dogs have with the Lord Jameson product.”

Goldberger mentioned that pet parents have also sampled the treats, coined “crack for dogs” by some.

“If you read our Instagram captions, there are hilarious conversations about keeping [the pet parents’] hands off the treats!” Goldberger laughed.

Photo: Katelyn Perry/We Work

Photo: Katelyn Perry/We Work

Recently, Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie and the Gansevoort Hotel Group partnered to provide each hotel guest that stays with their dog a “turndown” service for their pups, accompanied by a treat ball. At the end of their stay, the guests will receive a complimentary bag of the delicious treats.

Goldberger has developed a delicious treat that simultaneously gives back to the community. Lord Jameson treats can be found online and in pet stores across New York City, including The Salty Paw, The Barking Zoo, Beasty Feast and more. Proceeds from every sale goes toward therapy dog associations and other services across the United States. But having Jameson as a therapy dog is the biggest gift of all.

“You can’t imagine the powerful emotions that you feel by watching your beloved dog delicately and sweetly brighten the world of others just by being himself—sharing love and affection for all those around him,” Goldberger said.

Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie treats are a great gift for the beloved pup in your life. You can find the treat balls embody a triple threat: they’re tasty, healthy and their proceeds provide a great service to those in need. What more could you want?

Photo: Katelyn Perry/We Work

Photo: Katelyn Perry/We Work

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