Home Tips By Duce Construction For Severe Winter Weather

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With extreme weather coming our way, nestling at home with a cup of hot cocoa is the way to go. Safety is key when it comes to blizzards and such. Duce Construction, a full-service General Contractor and Construction Management firm, has you covered with tips to keep your home intact amid the intense weather changes over the winter season.

Extreme Weather Tips By Duce Construction

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If you have any indoor sinks or outside walls with plumbing, allow your sink to drip a little to prevent any indoor pipes against outdoor walls from freezing. The same goes for water pipes that run through unheated areas of your home or building.

Extreme Weather Tips By Duce Construction

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Turn Off Faucet

If you haven’t done so already, turn off and drain outdoor faucets – If you have a hose make sure to disconnect it, turn the faucet to “off” and drain it. Water trapped inside can freeze as we approach colder temperatures and can lead to very serious damage.

Extreme Weather Tips By Duce Construction

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If humidity levels are too low, your furniture, artwork, woodwork, flooring, and paint is at risk. Not to mention, you’re also at risk of catching colds and experiencing dry and itchy skin. To tackle the negative effects of dry air, it’s important to keep your home’s indoor relative humidity level somewhere between 30 and 45 percent. By doing so the air’s need to replenish moisture and little or no evaporation from your body takes place and minimizes.

Extreme Weather Tips By Duce Construction

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As a result, you can actually turn down your thermostat about three degrees and maintain comfort and warmth while saving on energy costs. There are a plethora of ways to humidify the air in your home. You can utilize a single-room humidifier or install a home humidifier connected directly to your HVAC system. These humidifiers work automatically to ensure the air in your home is at an ideal relative humidity level. It is also advised to use a more accurate digital thermostat containing humidity control to automate the process and keep your system at peak efficiency.

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