Freshpet Celebrates Take Your Pet To Work Day

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Events

It’s a dream come true – the Soho Grand Hotel is celebrating “take your pet to work day” by providing a luncheon and a playdate for you and your — or the animal shelter’s — dogs on Wednesday, June 21 from 11 am to 2 pm located in their dog park at the hotel.

Photo courtesy of Condé Nast Traveller

This event is put on by Freshpet, who strives to be the first, and only, maker of fresh, real food for pets. Freshpet has transformed the pet food industry solely by providing real food, fresh out of the fridge. And if you’re lucky, you just might be the winner of fun prizes such as a customized fridge full of Freshpet, benefitting you and your furry friend.

You will also be given the opportunity to talk to the experts, one of which being celebrity Veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson, the host of “The Pet Show with Dr. Katy”, who will share tips on giving your pet a healthy, and happy, lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre

Being overwhelmed or stressed is common, but it is said that animals, specifically dogs, can be a stress reliever. According to Animalsmart (n.d.), “playing with or petting an animal can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol.”

In addition, dogs come with multiple benefits. According to Morin (n.d.), “dogs offer more than just companionship. Owning a dog can benefit you by exercising more, feeling less stressed, improving your social life, detecting cancer earlier, your children being less likely to allergies, a healthier heart, less likely to be depressed,  age gracefully, decreased risk for general illnesses, and the feeling of being safe.”

Interested in adoption? This event is definitely for you. You will be given the chance to meet the animal shelter’s dogs, which could transform their life and yours positively by adopting a pet on site at the adoption station. In order to do this, you must fill out a form and submit it to Freshpet, who will pay the fees for the adoption. However, all adoption papers must be filled out and approved by June 5, 2017.

Whether you are interested in adoption or just love animals, make your way to Soho Grand Hotel, located at 310 West Broadway, NYC, for this amazing opportunity to take a break from your day and spend time with furry friends. There will be free food, dogs to play with, and you will receive a Pet Swag bag with coolers, pet attire, and more.

Photo courtesy of Paula Goldstein

Remember to RSVP by June 12 to



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