Fitness Friday: SMASHING it with the Dogpound

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Exercise, Health & Fitness

It’s no secret that we at Downtown Magazine love the Dogpound. Whether you’re looking for a tough workout, encouragement or accountability, Dogpound is the place to go.

The entire team of trainers have a contagious “you can do this” attitude and make you believe that, YES you actually can do it. When they say  20 pushups, you do 20 pushups. And getting a count down and a “good job!” cheer is just what you need, when your arms are already trembling trying to do your fifth pushup.

The trainers are top of the line and know what they’re doing. If you have any injuries they’ll adjust the exercise accordingly, and whether you’re focusing on building muscle, slimming down or strengthening your core, they’ll put together a program for you and guide you through it every session to make sure you meet your fitness goals!

More than that, it’s evident that the trainer team get along great and the sense of team spirit is noticeable right away. In supporting each other, and even more so their clients.

SMASH city

As a mainly personal fitness gym, you’ll get all the attention during your workout and guided through. If you’re more of a class person however, Dogpound also offer boxing classes but keep them small to ensure individual attention to each person. And soon, Dogpound’s introducing the Dogpound Running Club and will start smashing some miles in addition to the SMASH city of gloves and weights. 

The gym just recently hit its one year mark at 1 Renwick, and celebrated per tradition with an annual appreciation party to thank everyone who make them continue to do what they love every single day. Now that’s what we call good karma!

Check out rates, class schedules and more on their website — and for a little boost of motivation, read this post by Dogpound’s CEO & Founder Kirk Myers, where he gives 10 benefits to training other than weight loss.

Now, get going, SMASH it and get fit!

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