Ergomask: Stylish Rudy Project

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Photo: Courtesy of

Photo: Courtesy of

When I first saw these glasses, I was in shock. The Ergomask sport glasses epitomize fashion and practicality with their unique structure and striking yellow color. Upon my first time wearing them, I quickly appreciated all the glasses had to offer. These sport glasses are adjustable, light weight, and have amazing optic clarity. I have worn them numerous times since and I regularly receive comments about their unique and stunning design.

Designed for the medium to large faces, the non-polarized yellow/orange multi-laser lenses wrap around your face providing excellent peripheral vision. Rudy Project Ergomask were created specifically for shooting sports, but these glasses also bode well for running, golf, tennis, and most definitely cycling. These multi-sport glasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and a variety of spare lenses are available. As a cyclist, one feature that I especially like is the visibility they grant while in riding from the drops. The minimal bridge of these glasses enhances the vision from this low riding position.

As with all Rudy Project eyewear, a three year warranty is offered along with their replacement lens guarantee. Don’t forget to take advantage of their free gift with purchase promotion and Elevate Your Performance.

-by John ‘Cap’ Capobianco M.Ed.

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