Downtown Q&A: Miriam Torres

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Art, Culture, Design, Featured, Power Women

MIRIAM TORRES Founding partner of interior design firm, Parker-Torres Inc., the female owned firm specializes in hospitality design.

1. Name three women that inspire you, and tell us why.

My mother is the strongest and most giving person I know. She’s the glue that holds my family together. 

Sheryl Sandberg, who is chief operating officer of Facebook and author of Lean In and Option B, is an inspiration. Her books changed my life, and I admire her strength as a working mother as well as her ability to support her family through hardship.

My best friend, Judy Dobin, is amazing! She can balance it all: being the Chairman of Valley Forge and taking care of her family. She is an accomplished and inspiring mother.

2. What has been the secret to your success?

Determination and commitment! I am passionate because I love what I do, and it allows me to follow my dreams.

3. If you were going to pass on one piece of advice to a young woman, what would it be?

There will always be people ahead of you, but hard work conquers all! 

4. In the fight for equality, what area do you think needs the most attention?

Women have grown in the workforce, but we are still fighting for recognition and equal pay.

5. What are you most proud of in your career?

I am truly blessed to have such a great partnership with Barbara Parker, Co-Founder of Parker-Torres Design. We can depend on each other and always lift one another up.

6. Where do you get your confidence?

I went to an all girls school growing up, and was always told women could do anything they put their minds to. I always felt empowered, and was never afraid to stand up for myself. Plus, there were no distractions!

7. What makes a woman beautiful?

Being truly happy is what makes a woman beautiful. 

8. What gives you joy?

I love spending family time relaxing with my family, whether on vacation or at home. The cherry on top is bringing them to the luxury projects our firm has worked on, so I can pamper them.

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