Best Valentine’s Gifts for Handy Guys

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Downtown Living

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year to show your appreciation for the handyman in your life. Many women are married to handy guys who can make repairs around the house during the year. To stock your man’s toolbox and make it easier for him to fix leaky faucets or squeaky doors at home or at work, here are a few Valentine’s gifts to give that will allow him to work more efficiently:

LED Work Light

A LED work light will allow your handy guy to work late into the night on a special project that makes it easier to become more productive. According to portable LED work lights are an essential addition. The product is cool to the touch and can take plenty of abuse to ensure that it remains durable and continues to work for many years to come. The cool temperature of the product will also prevent the room from heating up when it’s turned on, which will allow him to avoid sweating as he works in a comfortable environment or getting burned if he accidentally touches the product.

Air Filter Subscriptions

Your handyman will appreciate receiving a subscription for vent filters that will allow him to clean the air in the home with a new filter that arrives at the door every few months. He can skip a trip to the local hardware store and receive a gift that is convenient and will make it easier to mark one more task off of his to-do list.

Rolling Seat

According to, every man needs a rolling seat, which will save his back and knees as he works. Tools and parts can also be stored underneath on a shelf that is included, making it easy to have what he needs within reach as he works in the garage. Rolling seats will also provide him with mobility and can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Light Up Baseball Cap

A light up baseball cap is perfect for men who work in dark areas of the home and need a bit of light while keeping their head covered. Purchase a hat that includes LED lights on the bill of the cap, which will allow him to see what he’s working on without having to open the blinds or turn on a nearby light.

Clamp Power Strip

Clamp power strips are extremely functional for different types of job sites and can easily grab onto ladders, sawhorses, and rafters as you work. The product will allow the handyman to keep his extension cords off of the ground, which will help to keep him safe if the ground is wet and will also prevent him from tripping on any cords.

Digital Angle Gauge

This gizmo saves time and will offer convenience while working in the garage with a gauge that determines the angle of a saw within seconds of turning it on. The magnetic base of the product makes it easy to attach to different types of saws, such as lapidary trim saws, which will allow the handyman to adjust the blade to the desired angle without fussing around with it.

Insulated Mud Boots

Allow your man to stay dry and clean as he works outside in the mud in wet weather conditions. Waterproof boots will allow him to work for a longer period of time outside without having to come in to change his socks or shoes once he gets wet. Choose a product that features a soft top that won’t chafe his skin with flexible insulation that will keep his feet warm once the temperatures drop.

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