Ask Nicola: Need Help Layering This Fall?

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Q: It’s getting chilly in New York. There are days when I’m definitely feeling the need to wear some of my winter clothes, but other days it still feels like summer. I’m not ready to bust out my winter coat yet but what am I supposed to wear during these in-between months?

Fortunately for you (and all gentlemen feeling the chill), fall is one of best times of the year to show off your style. Why? The sport coat. If you don’t own one, you must invest in one immediately. It can be cotton, tweed, wool, black, khaki, blue, or just about any color. It can be plaid. It can be worn to work, on the weekend, with jeans or with slacks. The rules are simply this: it must fit well.

The sport coat is probably the most versatile item you can have in your closet. It replaces the need for an “in between” fall jacket, unless it’s raining but we’ll talk about rain gear another time. It is the ideal piece for layering. On cooler days, wear it with a shirt, sweater and a lightweight scarf. On warmer days, lose the sweater and wear it with a crisp, white button down. On weekends, wear it with a t-shirt and hoodie to walk the dog and get a coffee.

While a gray or neutral sport coat is a good starting point and go-to staple, a color or plaid adds interest and a shot of style. In an ideal world, you’ll buy two: one casual, unlined, super comfortable, sweatshirt replacement; the other slightly more structured and appropriate for the office.

Check out the pictures below to see what I found. If you have a men’s style question that you want answered, e-mail me at

 -Nicola Harrison Ruiz*

*Nicola Harrison Ruiz is DOWNTOWN Magazine’s new Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle editor. She is also a men’s style consultant and founder of Harrison Style. She gets asked a lot of questions from men about what to wear and how to wear it, and she’s always up for the challenge. Got a style question? Don’t be shy, ask.

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Prossimo Sportcoat, $695. Photo: Courtesy of Prossimo

Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Tick Weave Sport Coat$895.00. Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

John Varvatos-Sweater-Jacket

John Varvatos Notch Lapel Sweater Jacket, $398. Photo: Courtesy of John Varvatos


Herringbone Sportcoat by Boglioli, $1595. Photo: Courtesy of Boglioli



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