Admittobitter: Five Years From Now

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Jacqueline Joseph, Owner of AdmitToBitter. Photo courtesy of Garth Aikens Photography

DOWNTOWN Magazine asked local pop-up shop, Admittobitter, where they saw themselves in five years. Check out owner, Jacqueline Joseph’s response here!

Jacqueline Joseph: I have never been a fan of this question, whether asked of me professionally or personally. The world is too volatile, and life too random. One never knows what is going to happen next, no matter how bulletproof the plan may seem.

As a business owner my motto is to always think creatively and work with the opportunities that you are presented. There are no formulas. Give back, whatever that means for you, maintain your vision in the process and be open minded and passionate about the DNA of your original thought. I had an idea that started out as one thing and became another. It was inspired by what I had to offer and what I was seeing happening around me. It is a work in progress. I am greeted daily with new faces and their amazing creations and ideas.

Currently, we have a beautiful space with a great vibe at the South Street Seaport. The space became available due to horrific circumstances (Hurricane Sandy) and an organization that was open to my vision, The Howard Hughes Corporation. Admittobitter visitors ask me daily, what “pop up shop” means. I explain that it means temporary. It is my reminder that everything is temporary. My business model is one word: NOW. Never get comfortable, never stop creatively thinking, collaborating and communicating because what you think it is today, is not what it will be tomorrow.

Admittobitter has become something I could never have predicted had you asked me five years ago. I knew that I had to take it one day at a time. Patience and tenacity are always great to have in your back pocket, and I would have to say being deaf to the non believers, the ones that say “I don’t get it,” is also key.

It is has become what I refer to as a Retail/Gallery Space. More importantly, it has been accepted by a community and has become something beautiful. It is a place where people feel comfortable enough to talk and share, not only their stories but their creativity. Everyday I hear amazing stories and have learned so much about the community.

Beginners who are not sure if their work has retail value seek advice and a test market. I did not plan to be sought out after only two and a half short months, but this is what is happening. Creators are finding Admittobitter and so are the creative buyers, looking for one of a kind products. Admittobitter is becoming an eclectic space of treasures.

As for the future I have a clear vision. Admittobitter will happen organically. I can say for certain that it will look totally different in five years. I wish this could go on forever, because what happens in that little space is heaven. I could not have wished for more five years ago when I dreamt of how my vision could become a reality. Currently, the Admittobitter pop-up shop is open at Titanic Park in the South Street Seaport through the end of December carrying one of a kind, locally created and made, fine art, accessories, music and fashion. Everyone should admittobitter, it will set you free.


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