NYC’s New Virtual Playground

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Downtown Living, Events, Featured, Technology

Who doesn’t want to venture into a digital world where you and your five closest friends become goblins and attempt to escape the wrath of your imprisoner, The Goblin King? As crazy as this may sound, thanks to new VR technology, wild adventures like this are entirely possible, exclusively at NYC’s Escape Virtuality.

The brand new facility features custom, state-of-the-art technology built exclusively for customers to experience. Some special features of the facility include multi-directional treadmills, advanced motion racing simulators, augmented climbing obstacle course and immersive escape rooms.

Escape Virtuality officially opened its doors on June 24th. The amazing Escape Room/VR experience offers original games including Goblin’s Quest: The Uprising, Runaway Subway Train, Ghost Collector, Meltdown and more. Whether you consider yourself a weathered veteran, or haven’t yet gotten to experience VR, Escape Virtuality provides an unforgettable experience for everyone. Finding yourself completely immersed in these various realities is truly quite the experience.

Our Downtown team was walked through all of the wonders that are offered at Escape Virtuality. You’ll find some of the options that are available to try listed below:

  • Full-Motion Car Simulator
  • Interactive Rock Climbing Wall
  • 360° Omnidirectional treadmills
  • Xtrematic machines with over 30 games
Photo taken from the Escape Virtuality Instagram Page.

Featured Escape Rooms:

Become a Goblin for the Day: The Goblin king has you and your friends imprisoned and you must work together to escape his wrath! You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm in your quest to rise up against the king.

Stop a Derailed Subway Train: You have boarded a subway train and find yourself divided between two cars and the train is running out of control. You, along with your friends, now have less than 60 minutes to team up and figure out how to stop the runaway train before it reaches the end of the line and crashes.

Save New York from a Nuclear Meltdown: The city is in critical danger and you need to stop a nuclear reactor from entering a meltdown. The quick escape room is located near the entrance and behind glass walls so people from the street or from inside will be able to see you play.

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