5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Employee Shuttle Service

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Travel

As the COVID-19 lockdown slowly lifts in New York City, businesses are faced with the challenge of re-opening their offices to employees in a safe and reliable manner. 


Are your employees feeling nervous about taking taxis, buses, or the subway? You can start your transition by offering transportation to and from work with a private shuttle service just for your company. Not only will a fleet of shuttle bus rentals help your workforce move into life after lockdown, but an employee shuttle service has long-term benefits for boosting the productivity and wellbeing of your employees. 


Here are a few ways how:


5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Employee Shuttle Service

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Ensure clean, safe travel for employees

If you want your workforce to come back to the office feeling healthy and focused after the COVID-19 lockdown, you may want to give them an alternative to public transit. Employees will be very cautious about their journeys back to the workplace—for example, they’ll be looking for ways to avoid using the NYC subway system, which is often crowded and difficult to regularly sanitize.


With private company transportation, you set the rules for your rentals. You can encourage high standards for cleanliness onboard like requiring passengers to wear masks and sit with ample space between each other. Additionally, GOGO Charters’ corporate shuttle service requires all bus drivers to wear essential PPE and to thoroughly disinfect their vehicle between trips, so you can rest assured your ride will be sanitized.


Increase future employee recruitment and retention

Entice top candidates in New York City to join your team with “private company transportation” on your list of employee perks. The allure of never again needing to cram into an overcrowded train or sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic every day will be enough to give your company a leg-up on competitors. You can reserve shuttle service with a company like GOGO Charters and begin offering transportation as a beloved employee perk with benefits beyond the need for social distancing.


Promote punctuality with custom routes

With the ability to customize routes and schedules, you can increase morale and productivity by ensuring punctuality. Private transit running on your terms can help all of your employees arrive on time to work in the morning and leave at a reasonable time at night. You can also establish pick-up/drop-off points at popular locations like Park & Rides, subway stations, or even neighborhood landmarks where trains don’t go.


Private shuttle service can also ensure that everyone at your company has reliable transportation to work. Plan routes to help employees who don’t live close to public transit, or to pick up out-of-state commuters at hubs like Grand Central Station. With your employees stressing less about their commute, they can focus on producing quality work.


Encourage a better work/life balance

Between delayed trains, overcrowded subway cars, rush-hour traffic, and lengthy journeys commute in New York City can be stressful. Studies show that long commutes lead to adverse effects on health. Commuters struggle with increased stress levels, snacking and fast-food consumption, and less time for friends and family, physical activity, and sleep—factors that have likely been mitigated by work-from-home schedules.


While employee shuttle service can’t guarantee a shorter commute, it can definitely be a more comfortable and streamlined travel experience. As employees ease back into their regular routine, a private company shuttle from GOGO Charters will help them save time and energy. Even if the length of their commute didn’t change, passengers can capitalize their time by napping en route, unwinding with a book, or getting ahead on their to-do list.


Amenities for productivity on-the-go

Shuttle buses can come equipped with free WiFi capabilities and power outlets, making business possible while on the road. If an employee reaches the end of their day but still has a to-do list task or two left, they can easily settle into their shuttle bus home and log on to finish up their work. When employees are safe, healthy, and happy while commuting, your business will reap the benefits of a focused and motivated workforce.

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