3 Ways to Pay for College Without Parents

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Education

Not everyone has a strong relationship with their parents or even any family they can turn to for help with college tuition. Perhaps your parents have told you they won’t contribute financially, so you have to find out how to pay for your degree yourself. Paying for college on your own is a massive undertaking, but it is possible. 

Student Loans/Tuition

There are both government-backed and private student loan options. Federal loans are issued through the U.S. Department of Education, but private loans can come from banks and other lending institutions. Private student loans offer greater flexibility, and they can help you cover your education bills as well as budget more efficiently after graduation. You should carefully research federal vs. private student loans before you commit to any. Everyone’s financial situation and prospects are different, so you should plan ahead and choose the option that works best for you.

Scholarships and Grants

Government and private scholarships, as well as grants, are available for students who qualify. Many organizations and even colleges offer merit-based scholarships for students who can demonstrate financial need. You can also qualify for funding if you are in the military, have a child, or meet other standards. You can browse a scholarship directory to find different award opportunities based on your own talents and needs. You should also talk to your school’s financial aid office to ask about different scholarship opportunities. They may know of some that you don’t find on your own.

Work-Study Programs

Most colleges and universities offer work-study programs that employ actively enrolled students and allow them to allocate a portion of their pay toward their tuition. While you may not earn enough to fully cover the cost of your degree, this is an excellent way to offset the cost of how much you have to borrow and ultimately graduate with less student loan debt. If you plan on working part-time in school, you can also look for jobs that offer tuition reimbursement benefits. If you decide to pursue a traditionally demanding career like one in the legal or medical field, these work-study programs can also help you learn important life skills like how to balance responsibility and fun. A work-study might not be one of the most common tips to help you survive nursing school but look at what is not obvious and revel in the benefits that exist under the surface. 




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