WGIRLS Project G.L.A.M Makes Sure Every Girl Gets Her Prom Dress This Spring

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On April 12-14, 2019, The WGIRLS Project G.L.A.M (Granting Lasting Amazing Memories) program will outfit over one thousand economically disadvantaged young women with everything they need to be able to attend their high school prom feeling confident, proud and beautiful.

Launched in 2010, the Project G.L.A.M program has quickly become the largest Prom Dress Giveaway Event on the East Coast with over 7,000 gowns on hand and several thousand students registered for the event annually.

With the help of guidance counselors, teachers, and social workers, WGIRLS has pre-screened the thousands of students registered to attend Project G.L.A.M .The young women selected must be passing all of their classes, have strong attendance records, and be set to graduate on time. Each young woman will each receive a formal gown, cosmetics, and accessories to ensure they have everything they need for the special day.

“Senior Prom is an American tradition that has marked the end of high school for teens across the country for generations. The reality is that in today’s economy many families simply cannot afford the rising cost of this rite of passage” says Amy Heller, President and Founder of WGIRLS Inc. “Project G.L.A.M grants lasting amazing memories for young women who would not be able to attend without assistance.”

Dresses, makeup and accessories will be displayed in a simulated boutique setting affording the young women the opportunity “to shop” the racks for the perfect gown

Members of the WGIRLS NYC, Coastal Long Island, and Coastal NJ chapters, as well as volunteers from the community, will be on hand to help each girl create their look for Prom.

The WGIRLS are raising funds to support Project G.LAM. ​This year is also the launch of the Project G.L.A.M scholarship fund, which will fund the academic future of the girls in our program.​ Donors are encouraged to take the $5 Project G.L.A.M pledge to sponsor a young woman in the program ​SaveTheProm.com​.

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