Trendy Camping Gadgets 2018

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As much as it may not feel like spring, it’s here. But soon enough the weather be perfect to spend time with friends and family outside. Even on a beautiful sunny day, the city can get to New Yorker’s heads with the loud taxis honking and subways being late. The chance of you wanting to get away isn’t as simple because airfare and effort to travel cause chaos. Well, New York is not only known for the Big Apple but own National Parks to go camping!

Camp at Hither Hills Park is only 2.5 hours away from the city located on Long Island, and the park offers sandy ocean beach, playing fields, a playground and a 189-site campground on the ocean. Minnewaska State Park Preserve an hour and a half in Ulster Country offers 2,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by hilly, rocky terrain. So many camping parks a New Yorker can travel, but you need the coolest and trendiest gadgets. Camping gadgets to keep you hydrated, hiking and charged for all your camping experiences. Make your experience resourceful with cool camping gadgets. Here are a few of Downtown favorite camping gadgets for spring and summer 2018.

1. The CasusGrill

$11.24 – $43.60 – Available to buy online from The Fowndry.

Eco dining at its best, with this revolutionary 100% natural, 100% disposable instant grill. You’ll be ready to cook up a storm in no time at all with it’s a quick and easy set-up! Friends and family gather round anytime, anywhere, anyplace, offering up to 60 minutes of high heat emitting 50% less CO2 than traditional disposable grills. Once tummies are full dispose of your Casus Grill by simply adding it to your bonfire, leaving nothing behind.

The Panoramic Phone Stand With Remote Control

$49.95– Available to buy online from American Eagle.

While you’re enjoying the rolling hills and panoramic cliff tops of your surroundings by capturing them with Panasonic Phone Stand. This stand is shake-free with a fold-out stand that allows you to take stunning, high-quality shots on the go. For any budding photographer simply attach your phone, camera or GoPro to the rotating stand, with a full 360-degree rotation pan left or right, fast or slow using the remote control.

The Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil

$57.00 – Available to buy online from The Fowndry.

Be ready to eat anything on your travel with this multi utensil set. Jam-packed with 10 awesome functions including; spork, serrated knife, fire starter, peeler, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, box cutter, cord cutter, and flathead screwdriver. Made from quality titanium this gadget couldn’t be more practical with its easy clean finish.

ouch Speaker Boom Box

$23.50 – Available to buy online from Amazon.

Amplify your favorite tunes, perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a travel speaker, the music will keep on booming as long as you keep partying. The handy rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours per charge! It couldn’t be easier, simply place your phone onto the top of your speaker and the sound waves will instantly fill your surroundings. 

5. The Cafflano Kompresso

$92.00 – Available to buy online from The Fowndry.

For all those mighty coffee enthusiasts give yourself that buzz of energy to kick-start a day of trekking with the world’s lightest and most compact handheld espresso maker! Perfect for on the go this doesn’t mean you should compromise on an average cuppa as your sure to enjoy the tastiest brew around with this smart system. Wherever you go so goes your Kompresso. 

6. The Foldable Solar Panel

$49.99 – Available to buy online from Amazon.

Whether you’re hiking, camping or traveling, this is the perfect portable solar charger for those tech enthusiasts who also love the wonders of the outdoors. Providing a surge of energy to all your beloved gadgets and simply open it up and place in direct sunlight for optimum charging potential. It’s shower-proof and lightweight and works for both IOS and Android devices. There won’t be any chance of you feeling unconnected from the world.

7. Matador DayLite16 Weatherproof Packable Backpack 

$64.00– Available to pre-order from The Fowndry.

Designed for the toughest weather conditions around, summer or winter, this lightweight and waterproof backpack come with a compact storage bag which even shrinks down to the size of a pair of socks when you’re not carrying around your prized possessions. But once in use, this nifty backpack offers 16 liters of capability, so no matter what your day has to throw at you be sure to have this backpack at the ready.

8. The Collapsible Solar Lantern 

$14.76 – Available to buy online from 365Games.

It’s no longer a fight against the clock for sunlight when you have this handy camping lantern to guide the way. As a high quality, compact and durable piece of kit enjoy the great outdoors by day and by night as the nifty design packs down to next to nothing in your camping bag. Simply leave it out with the solar panels facing up by day, and by night the lantern will cast off a beautiful glow. Perfect for camping and traveling no matter where the road takes you.

9. Personal Water Filter 

$24.95 – Available at The Grommet.

Simple and rugged personal water filter designed to provide safe, clean drinking water. Handy to put in your emergency kit, hiking, or for use when traveling.



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