The Skin Cancer Foundation’s “Champions for Change Gala” delivers at the Mandarin Oriental New York

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Health & Fitness

Witney Carson, Sam Champion & Summer Sanders

Witney Carson, Sam Champion & Summer Sanders

Taking care of your skin goes way beyond simply finding a cleanser that rids of your blemishes or stacking up on moisturizers, especially in the dry months to come. Educating yourself on skin health and the dangers of skin cancer in general is important for every man and woman to know, but doing so may often be overlooked.

Fortunately, last month The Skin Cancer Foundation held its Champions For Change Gala where the event helped spread awareness concerning skin cancer and “honored ‘Champions’ for exceptional achievement in skin health, including public education about sun protection and skin cancer prevention.” The foundation is the only global organization that is dedicated to “the prevention, early detection and the treatment of skin cancer” through providing education and awareness to the public.

At the gala, the foundation honored both Marcia Robbins-Wilf, chair of the Marcia Robbins-Wilf Research Award Society, and Perry Robins, founder and president of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Olympic gold medalist and TV host, Summer Sanders, and Dancing With The Stars professional Witney Carson were the speakers of the night who both shared their experiences with melanoma.

Both women called on The Skin Cancer Foundation for providing a support system for them during their experience with skin cancer and will use the foundation to further educate individuals and save lives.

“Let’s support the foundation’s mission and be champions for changing behaviors so that we can ultimately save lives,” Sanders said.

Even if you’re not a lucky individual who scored an invite, with events such as The Skin Cancer Foundation gala, it’s easy to get educated on how to take proper care of your skin year-round. The gala is just one tool to help spread awareness and celebrate individuals who are making renowned advancements in the skin health field.

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