Tata Harper: The Green-Beauty Goddess Ups Her Game for Her Namesake Skincare Line

by | May 7, 2019 | Beauty, Featured, Skincare

Scouting the world, Tata Harper is always striving to improve her eponymous skincare line and beautify her loyalists to the max, naturally, with nontoxic, hyper-potent, and uncompromising ingredients.

Photo Courtesy of Tata Harper Skincare

First came the “essence,” which launched early in the new year. “Essences are supposed to be penetrating enhancers to moisturize your skin, and this formulation has 5 to 250 kilodaltons of molecular weight! That is really small, so that it can get to the deepest layers of your skin,” Tata Harper shares with much pride. “And it helps to reduce redness and even reduces darkening spots. This composition is 100 percent.” She is speaking of her beloved Hydrating Floral Essence, a true hydrating booster with dual-weight hyaluronic acid that provides intense hydration but is super-lightweight with natural scents that calm your mind and spirit within seconds. Combined with nature’s goodies like rose, lavender, and neroli, hydrosols provide a smoothing effect, while the anti-oxidant floral blend helps to fight free radicals, preparing your skin for the next step in care.

Photo Courtesy of Tata Harper Skincare

That brings us to the Hydrating Floral Mask, a multi-hyaluronic treatment that has proven to improve hydration by 46 percent, even after 24 hours of application, and provide a 100 percent decrease in redness for the flushed, rosacea-prone skin type. This formulation was one-and-a-half years in the making, and it houses 2,000 kilodaltons, drenching every layer of your skin, from sub-dermis to fascial layer, to plump up the skin. “It’s like a creamy gel and has amazing redness reduction. Do a thin layer, but if you’d like to go to sleep with it at night, do a thicker layer. Moreover, to remove, don’t wash it off. Use the essence, which turns the mask into a milky texture, which you can tissue off to keep all the goodness on your skin,” Harper explains.

Comprising ingredients from 25 countries, this is indeed global technology. “Ingredients from 25 countries and 43 high-performing actives, that’s intense!” So why this mask now? “We didn’t have a mask for moisture. I think that masks, the way I see it, are medicine-cabinet items. One day you’re dull, you need a glow. Another day you’re congested and you need purification. Another day you’re blemish-full and breaking out, you need purifying. I have all that in the line, but I didn’t have one for moisture.” But the real reason Harper hadn’t made one way sooner is that she was never satisfied with the technology in existing moisturizers. But now, she says, “hydration technology in the last three years in the natural spaces has exploded. The sizes of hyaluronic acids and the options on barriers, as in how to keep things inside of your skin, have advanced so much!” 

Photo Courtesy of Tata Harper Skincare

Utilizing advanced applied science from England, Germany, and Israel, and with hyaluronic acid extracted via fermentation technology from tremella mushrooms from the Czech Republic, this reformulated magic mask, launched only a couple of months ago, has ten molecular grades of hyaluronic acid, and drenches the deepest layer of the skin. With a floral blend derived from the Australian Coastline, which addresses skin’s redness, and rich vitamins and minerals like eskolaite, squalene, and vitamin F, it has already become a classic. Topping off the lineup launching at the end of May is the Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer. Harper calls it a “weightless daily hydrator,” and that is an undeniable fact. It’s made with all of the advanced hyaluronic-acid technology mentioned earlier and has the appropriate gel-water technology powered by chia-seed water from the U.S.A. and marsh samphire from France. What’s more, it incorporates tremella-mushroom technology (which expands two times in weight in water) and even banana flower from Thailand. This powerful combination provides clinically proven redness reduction, plumping and smoothing, and protective antioxidants. Can you say, “Uncompromised power of non-toxic weightless hydration?” Naturally.

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