St. Patrick’s Day Dos & Don’ts

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Health & Fitness

Dr. Ralph Holsworth is a board-certified osteopathic family medicine physician and director of clinical and scientific research for Essentia Water. He is very knowledgeable about how hangovers really work, and has provided some great tips on how to avoid such during your St. Patrick’s Day festivities:

· DO indulge in (some) fatty foods: A small portion of fatty foods in your stomach prior to drinking slows the absorption of alcohol. But if you eat too much, your body empties the stomach contents more quickly into the small intestine where alcohol is more quickly absorbed. It’s a balancing act — so go ahead and enjoy a little soda bread!


Dr. Ralph Holsworth

Dr. Ralph Holsworth

· DON’T consume drinks high in sodium. Avoid those margaritas, dirty martinis and Bloody Mary’s — and even some fruity drinks. Salt with alcohol allows a little valve between your stomach and small intestine to be left wide open, allowing alcohol to more quickly be absorbed into the gut. And isn’t Guinness or Jameson the true drink of the day?

· DON’T pop painkillers. Pain relievers like acetaminophen, or Tylenol, can increase liver toxicity especially after it’s been irritated by alcohol consumption. Consider a more natural option found in your local health store: bromelain. It’s a natural enzyme that may help soothe your headaches.

· DO hydrate. If you’re in for a long day or night of revelry, hydrating beforehand can decrease the change of a hangover significantly. Staying hydrated between drinks is also helpful, reducing the alcohol content in the stomach, and then the bloodstream, giving the liver more opportunity to do its job. Essentia is an ionized, alkaline water that is perfect for hydration. In fact, water decreases the volume of alcohol by 50 percent. Consider making ice cubes using Essentia water for your whiskey!

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