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Growing up in New Jersey, singer Emily Claman was always visiting “the city,” as we call it, doing everything from visiting family to dancing at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Now that she lives downtown and hustles all over the city to perform, she’s happy to call New York City home. Besides singing and songwriting, Emily is a dancer, dance teacher, and a fitness instructor at Pure Barre. We chatted about her influences, her support system and what’s next!
Photo by Zack Perl/The Bacyard
Downtown: How has New York City influenced your music?
Emily Claman: Damn. How hasn’t NYC inspired my music!? This city is so over stimulating and plays a huge role in relationships, memory making and everyday life that it would be impossible not to have presence in my music. NYC is the backdrop of my life. Plus I do a lot of writing on the subway…
Downtown: Who inspires you musically?
EC: This is always the hardest question. Honestly, I am inspired by so, so, so many artists across so many genres that it’s so hard to narrow down. BUT to name a few, SZA, Amy Winehouse, Sam Cooke, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, H.E.R, Carol King, Travis Scott, Jay Z – I could go on all day…
Downtown: What has response to your music been like?
EC: It has been so positive – I am beyond grateful. The most common response I get is that people are connecting to my music on a very personal level, and it is so beautiful and exciting and deeply overwhelming (in the best way possible) to hear that. Certain songs can get you through your darkest times, your most confusing times, your greatest times, and everything in between, and I’m honored to be able to start to provide music for people to connect to and use on their own personal journeys.
Photo by Zack Perl/The Bacyard
Downtown: How do you combine dance and fitness with your music?
EC: As a dancer, I know the feeling of when you connect to a song in such a deep way that you are compelled to physically move to it and connect to it on that deeper level. When I’m writing or in the studio I am very aware of what FEELS right both viscerally and sonically. I have to be able to see movement and tap into the part of my DNA that turns to movement first. Also, I tend to move around A LOT during my live shows, dancing, jumping and running around, so I definitely have to stay on top of my fitness game in order to be able to do all that and sing at the same time and not sound crazy and out of breath.
Downtown: Where would you love to perform?
EC: I would LOVE to perform at Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theater, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Steel, MSG and so many more awesome venues, but follow me at @emclaymusic, I’ll be posting about my upcoming live shows there soon!
Downtown: What’s your pre-show routine?
EC: Pre-show routine usually consists of listening and dancing to a lot of rap music, Ariana Grande & Beyonce with my closest friends. (I have a go to Preshow playlist) I always drink a bunch of Throat Coat tea and I usually eat a protein bar about an hour before my show. Before I head to the venue, I sing one of the songs from the set to my friends and then JAM OUT to my favorite Trombone Shorty song.
Downtown: What’s your postshow routine?
EC: I try to talk to as many people as possible after the show. Connecting and chatting with the people that come to my shows is one of my most favorite things ever. Then it’s just hanging with friends, family, water, tequila, and dancing, usually followed by a late night burger or pizza run. Occasionally, it’s just me going home and passing out, it really depends on the night.
Photo by Zack Perl/The Bacyard


Downtown: Neighborhood
EC: Fidi but I love spending time anywhere below 14th Street! (Although I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the UWS)
Downtown: Favorite Downtown restaurant
EC: So many…Two Hands, Springbone, La Esquina, Souvlaki GR, L’Artusi (#fancy). My go-to for coffee/match is Cha Cha Matcha, it’s my number one favorite place ever.
Downtown: Favorite Downtown gym
EC: Pure Barre NYC 😉
Downtown: Favorite Downtown workout
EC: Pure Barre & Rumble Boxing
Downtown: Best spa?
EC: The best kept secret is Four Seasons Body Work on 8th Street. They give the best foot massage you’ll ever get.
Downtown: Best shopping Downtown
EC: Kith is my fave place to window shop #goals
Downtown: Favorite bar
EC: Rose Bar, The Dead Rabbit, Peachys
Downtown: Favorite music venue
EC: NYC has some of the best live music spots in the world it’s so hard to pick, but there really is nothing quite like seeing an epic show at The Garden. Like damn, chills every time.
Photo by Zack Perl/The Bacyard
You can check out Emily’s single “Gone” on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you listen and watch the music video below. Be sure to follow Emily on Instagram @emclaymusic to stay up to date with shows, releases, and more. She’s planning on releasing her first EP in Spring 2019.
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