Checking in with Sierra Capri of “On My Block”

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It’s been a few weeks since the second season of On My Block premiered on Netflix, but we’re still basking in the glow of Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar and their ability to mix silly moments with serious social issues. We chatted with Sierra Capri, who plays Monse, about how her life has changed, how she relates to a character so much younger than her, and what she’s looking forward to.

Photo by Elisabeth Caren

Downtown: What was your life like before you got cast on On My Block?

Sierra Capri: I was in college studying biology. I thought I wanted to go into forensics because that was the career path that I had chosen, but other than that my life was pretty much how it is now.

Photo by Elisabeth Caren

Downtown: How did you pick biology? How does it help with acting?

SC: I always loved science for some reason. I contemplated becoming a police officer but there’s only so much I can handle at a crime scene, which is ironic because I was like “I guess I’m just going to go into forensics because I love studying the body.” So in a way, it taught me discipline, and I’ve carried that into acting and just staying focused.  

Downtown: Who inspires you?

SC: My mother and my grandmother inspire me. All the people who love and support our show also inspire me as well.

Downtown: Is it hard to relate to a character so much younger than you really are?

SC: Sometimes, just because I never want to give off the vibe that being a teenager is easy, when it isn’t.  And even though it was a while ago and I was once a teenager myself, I still can relate to a lot of things that teenager’s go through because it’s all part of growing up and finding yourself, which I feel like I am still doing.

Downtown: What are you most excited about in Season 2?

SC: All the developed story lines. I also feel like we have all settled in our characters by now, and we get to really learn about everyone’s personalities as individuals.

Downtown: How has being on On My Block changed your life?

SC: It honestly hasn’t changed much other than a few extra Instagram followers and being known more so than I was before. It’s changed in a sense that I gained new family members in the cast members – people I can’t imagine life without. I love all of them, we are a family!

Downtown: What’s next?

SC: I have a few projects in the works, nothing I can talk about now but I am super excited for what the future holds.

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