R09M Launches E-Commerce for In-House Collection

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Culture, Fashion

The beginning of August was big for R09M — pronounced “Room 9” — the in-house capsule collection from the namesake boutique located at Haven Montauk, as they unveil its first foray into e-commerce, just in time for the dog days of summer.

The capsule collection was conceptualized around the surfing heritage of Montauk and its environs, created to compliment the boutique’s assortment of luxe, emerging brands and established designers currently on offer.

Alongside an assortment of luxury goods from buzzy emerging and established men’s and womenswear brands, a curated selection of vintage, and other East End essentials, R09M’s own collection has been a best-seller for summer 2017, client demand prompting the founders to take the plunge into e-commerce.

Consisting of a limited production run of too cozy hoodies, sweatpants, tees, hats, and a custom-created candle, the R09M collection is designed and curated by Palmiers du Mal Creative Director Shane Fonner, who plans to expand the assortment to include a fully fleshed-out cut and sew collection for next summer and beyond. The current assortment focuses on Montauk’s vintage and retro feel, and provides the necessary pieces for the ever-changing East End weather.

R09M’s summer 2017 selection offers Montauk-exclusive pieces from BLACKSEA, Palmiers du Mal, Aime Leon Dore, Alix, Rescue Skin, Rochambeau, Crash Baggage, Yestadt Millinery, and Hasta Sporting, in addition to a series of pop-ups and trunk shows, and an exclusive beach blanket from neighboring men’s brand Adam Mar. The shop also features a selection of designer vintage goods from Form Vintage.

“Travel has been an integral part of both my and Jane’s design process for Palmiers du Mal and BLACKSEA, so we couldn’t be more excited for our first retail concept to be in partnership with a hotel, especially one that is as laid back and effortlessly cool as Haven,” says Shane Fonner about the R09M’s opening.

“Plus, I’ve been coming to Montauk for years, and it holds a really special place for me. I’d love to spend even more time, and perhaps set up a creative studio here to capitalize on the inspiration all around,” she added.

R09M is proud to launch as a partnership between friends, so let the good vibes flow all summer long.

The limited-run assortment now makes its online debut, shop-able from anywhere in the continental U.S. and in preparation for further expansion for coming summer seasons. Click here to shop.

Photos courtesy of R09M

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