Pet Fashion Weekend Hits the Hester Street Fair

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Coming Up, Downtown Living, Events, Pets | 0 comments

It’s early September in New York so we all know fashion week is right around the corner. While our attention might stray to models and trends in the spotlight this upcoming week, we can’t forget to give the little ones under our feet all the other weeks of the year some credit.

This weekend on the Lower East Side, the Hester Street Fair presents “PETS in the LES,” an all-exclusive Pet Fashion Weekend taking place on September 6th and 7th between 11am and 6pm at Hester Street at Essex Street.

Pet owners from all over downtown are invited to let their little ones strut their stuff on the “pet runway” and pose in a photo booth with trendy fashion props. If you come between 1pm and 3pm, photographers will even be snapping mini Polaroid pictures of their favorite furry models. If you’re lucky maybe your companion will become world famous! After showing off for a bit, relax at the Pet Café where pets and owners alike can refresh themselves and mingle for the rest of the day.

Think your pet has what it takes? Then head out this weekend to the Hester Street Fair and watch your little one revel in the spotlight!

-Lauren Price

Downtown Magazine