Papa Murphy’s: The Biggest Chain You Haven’t Heard Of, Yet

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Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Maloney

Papa Murphy’s Pizza is the fifth largest pizza chain in the U.S. and the chances are, if you live in New York, you’ve never seen one…yet. Downtown had the opportunity to sample some of the Papa Murphy’s products at their beautiful Midtown Terrace.

Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizza chain. The concept relies on consumers picking up a pizza, already prepared with fresh ingredients and made with high protein premium wheat flour, from one of their locations. The consumer then brings the pizza home uncooked, and bakes it in the comfort of their own home at their own convenience. The pizza is not frozen and cannot be purchased in supermarkets — it is truly fresh.

The pizza can also be customized to the consumer’s content, with options including a variety of toppings and crusts plus a vegetarian, gluten-free and low calorie option. It is a individualistic pizza experience.


Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Maloney

But could a national chain that relies on having to take the time to pick up a pizza survive in New York City, with a local pizza delivery joint on every corner? Papa Murphy’s spokesperson, Jack Hardy, believes so. According to Hardy, their target audience is the “millennial moms” who want the convenience, but also want to be a part of the preparing-meals experience. He thinks they would respond positively to the take-and-bake concept in the city.


Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Maloney

And yet, the closest Papa Murphy’s is in Maryland. However, the chain will be coming to more parts of the Northeast shortly. To introduce New Yorkers’ to the concept, a special press event and pizza tasting was held. Papa Murphy’s specialty pizzas were grilled on an elegant rooftop location with standout pizzas including BBQ Chicken thin crust, fresh veggie pizza, and chocolate stuffed s’mores dessert pizza. CEO, Ken C. Calwell, was also present representing his brand.

By- Kelsey Maloney and Alyssa Bajek

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