Owning a car in New York City

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If you own a car in New York City and choose to pay for a car park then your life is much easier than those who get up to move their car from one side of the street to the other. If you do not live in a city you may think this is crazy. When I first moved to this great city, I could not understand why as I was on my way to work, every car on the street had people sitting in them, but then not moving for hours. I thought that instead of an office, it was less expensive to use your car as an office. You see them talking on the phone, eating, reading the paper, or taking a nap. This was completely foreign to me, but after my own investigation and the help from my pseudo-reporter doorman, I was quickly educated on this ever popular ritual

Alternate side parking rules, ASP rules, and street cleaning rules all mean the same thing. These rules allow the New York City to clean the streets with street sweepers. When the rules are in effect, you can’t park on that side of the street. The City suspends alternate side parking in advance for certain holidays and as needed for severe weather or other emergencies. New to New York, be sure to add this link to your mobile device to stay on top of Alternate Side Parking.

City cars, when living in a city, many plan ahead for their mode of transportation around parking.

Now after over 20 years of living in New York, this morning ritual is as normal to me as witnessing the sun rise over our glorious city.

In the case of these brave city dwellers, car owners is it really a matter of convenience, or is it?

Mini BMW Manhattan

Keeping a car in this city is anything but. Newbies who come to our city with beautiful, expensive cars think that they will go for a quick grocery run, drive to work, take the children to school, or choose to drive to the Met or our for a lovely dinner in another area of the city. Quickly, they realize fighting for a parking space is not what they thought it would be, you end up paying a car park to house your car so that you may enjoy your jaunt.

The best way to get around our great city is a car service, Via, Uber, Juno or Lyft, public transportation subway or bus or can choose to pay the exorbitant rates for a New York City Taxi.

Housing your car is pretty easy, there are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly options for car parks and there is usually one close to your home or for that matter on almost every block. Be sure to shop around when looking for your car’s yearly home, it’s like going to the market its all about negotiating. It may be best for you to invest in a yearly pass this can protect you from the ever-changing rate hikes.

Purchasing a city car is always an option. Many automobile companies have designed small compact cars, which work extremely well when living in a city the size of New York. Europeans just may have had something when they decided years ago to forgo large gas guzzlers for small compact mini’s. For those who want something less permanent rentals are the perfect answer. All the luxury with none of the hassle.

New York City car insurance is one of the five most expensive counties, all five boroughs just happen to be in the New York City demographic. Your borough along with age and your driving record will play a significant role in your car insurance rate. For a car insurance quote. 

Stay safe out there, whether you buy, rent, or take public transportation!





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