Outdoor Tennis in NYC During the Summer

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While tennis is almost impossible to enjoy outdoors during the cold winter months in New York, it’s a completely different proposition in the summer. The tennis scene in the City That Never Sleeps features a plethora of viable venues, some of which have been listed in Timeout’s overview of the best tennis courts in the whole of NYC.

Years ago, The New York Times highlighted the difficulty of finding and playing tennis in the city. There are quite a few glaring factors, really, aside from the generally frigid climate, as you have to consider the somewhat over-the-top expense and the actual playing area in proximity to the office or where you live.

Thankfully, Play Your Court suggests that New York, is more than just a concrete jungle; it presents five boroughs where you can enjoy a lively tennis scene playing at both indoor and outdoor venues. Having said that, here are some of New York City’s best tennis courts to play on this summer.

Central Park

Central Park’s tennis courts are scattered across 96th St, 93rd St, and Central Park West. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming playing in the area, considering the amount of people, but the courts are very accessible and convenient. There are 26 clay courts all in all so you need to bring those specialized pair of tennis shoes and be ready to shell out $15 an hour to play.

96th and Riverside

The great thing about the tennis courts at 96th and Riverside is that it faces the world famous Hudson River. Apart from the spectacular view, it also has 10 clay courts that are great to play on. Just like the aforementioned Central Park, enjoying an hour of tennis at 96th and Riverside will set you back $15.

119th and Riverside

119th and Riverside’s tennis courts are rather similar to its nearby neighbors over at 96th. It presents a pleasant vista of the Hudson, as well as costing $15 an hour to play. However, 119th and Riverside features 10 plexi-paved hard courts in the middle of a relatively quiet part of the city.

The most important thing to consider when playing on these courts is to secure the necessary park permit to play on all the public tennis courts in the five boroughs in and around the state. Though it costs a significant $200, at the end of the day, you will be able to scratch that itch of getting to play tennis in NYC.

All in all, if you are planning to learn and/or play tennis in the Big Apple, then playing outdoors is definitely your best bet. From Central Park to the courts along the Riverside, New York City’s courts represent a vibrant sporting culture, generally highlighting the raw, close to careless charm of its tennis clubs. And making the trek Uptown is well worth it for excellent courts and breaking a sweat with good friends.

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