NYC’s New Milk & Cookies Kids Salon & Spa

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Photo: Courtesy of Milk & Cookies Kids Spa and Salon

Photo: Courtesy of Milk & Cookies Kids Spa and Salon


Upscale salons usually offer coffee, tea, or a cocktail to customers upon VIP treatment. While you expect a cocktail while being pampered, your kids dream of a delicious dessert during the hour they usually dread while getting their haircut. Kip Morrison & Associates would like to introduce the public to New York City’s Milk & Cookies Kids Salon & Spa, coming soon!

To make the new salon and spa more of a dream, Milk & Cookies offers part packages for both boys and girls. Packages include the Glitzy Glam package and the Tough Cookie package. The Glitzy Glam package for girls includes spa manicures, pedicures and yummy facials. The Tough Cookie package for boys allows for them to play video games and air hockey, while getting a haircut and Slimy Booger Manicure.

Cousins, Jataon and Teychenne Whitley have created a dream place for kids where they can have fun, get beautiful, and indulge in their favorite desserts. The spa works to create the ultimate experience for kids to get pampered while enjoying a cold glass of milk and freshly baked cookies. Milk & Cookies Kids Salon & Spa makes for a perfect birthday bash or an easy haircut experience for both parent and child.

-by Deirdre McAndrew

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