NYC Charities That Are Giving Back This Holiday Season

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Downtown Living, News

The holidays are a special time that reminds people to be grateful for what they have. Because of this, many are also reminded that others may not have as much. So in between carving the turkey and kissing under the mistletoe, why not give back by volunteering or donating something to those who need it? Here are a couple of Manhattan charities to help you get started.

And remember…these charities run all-year, so after the ball drops in Times Square, it’s not a bad idea to head back to continue helping!

1.New York Cares

Founded in the late 1980s, this organization takes action to help solve various problems throughout the city. Since then, they’ve expanded and now run over 1,300 volunteer programs for different organizations.

This winter, you can help make a difference in someone’s life with their Winter Wishes program. Sign up individually or as a team to purchase a gift for someone who needs it! Each year, New York Cares manages to distribute about 40,000 gifts to disadvantaged people in the city.

2.Food Bank NYC

Food Bank NYC offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. But with the cold weather coming in, this might be the time when people need them the most. They offer a variety of different ways to donate your time, such as packing food donations or serving meals. And because there is always a constant stream of events, it’s easy for someone to find one that fits into a busy schedule.


Animals need help too this holiday season! Bidawee began by taking in stray pets throughout the city and has been helping animals ever since.

On November 22, you and your pet can take a perfect holiday photo home by donating $15 to the organization. There will also be many animals available for adoption in hopes that they’ll have a happy home to ring in the New Year with.

-by Connie Lee

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