Natura Brasil Celebrates 50th Anniversary at NY Botanical Garden

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Beauty, Skincare

By Addison Franz, with featured photo from Natura’s Official Facebook page.

Natura Brasil is one of- if not the only- true all-natural skincare brands out there. This year, the organic company is celebrating its 50 years of transparent business in Brazil as well as celebrating their second year of business in America.

The mission of Natura is to use business as a force for good and “help build a better world through their commitment to transparency, sustainability and well-being.” By allowing consumers to easily view their lists of active ingredients, they are doing just that.

Natura invited Downtown to attend their Sustainable Beauty Event at the New York Botanical Garden and listen to professional environmentalists discuss the brand and its products. Their panel consisted of journalist Sophia Lee, Self Magazine’s Sarah Jacoby, FIT’s Stephan Kanlian and Vice President of Innovation Andrea Alvarez. Each panel member reaffirmed the importance of Natura’s goals and agreed that no other company does exactly what Natura is doing- providing open and honest connectivity with all of its customers while also providing high-end natural products.

Photo by Anna Solodky

We left the event with a gift bag filled with Natura products, which have become a part of our daily routine. The bag included castanha body butter, patauá hair tonic, cumaru body, maracujá exfoliating soap and açaí body scrub. All of these products can be found and purchased here.

Downtown fully supports Natura’s transparency movement and the use of the brand’s naturally-derived products. Help change the world and support a brand that cares.

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