Must Have Gadgets for 2015

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With a new year comes many new things, including new technologies. Google, Panasonic, Anker, Looxcie, and Philips are all bringing their creativity and convenient ideas to the table. Stakes are high, which only means that technology will continue to impress us as consumers. As we continue to dive deeper into the technological age, our everyday routines become easier with the help of these gadgets. Keep reading to see DOWNTOWN’s top five picks for must-have gadgets to start off 2015 the right way!


1. Google Chromecast

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Price: $35

For a small expense of $35, consumers can end the problem of “nothing being on television.” Google’s new Chromecast is the portable media hub that will help you bring contents from your laptop or desktop to the big screen. Plug it into the HDMI port of any TV and it will stream Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, AND your Chrome browser. As this product become more popular, Google plans on adding additional services.


2. Panasonic SC-NT10 Bluetooth Speaker


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Price: $99.99

People are always looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there. The combination of price and features in Panasonic’s SC-NT10 goes beyond sound quality. These speakers survive through splashes of waters, dust or sand, being dropped, or left in the cold. They can also be used as a Bluetooth speakerphone. The Panasonic SC-NT10 Bluetooth Speakers are small in size (2.2 inches high by 4.7 inches wide) but loud in sound. These speakers are perfect for travel or a trip to the beach!


3. The Astro E4

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Price: $249

The Astro E4 will power your smartphone or tablet with its impeccable battery storage. This product contains a fantastic 13000mAh lithium ion battery inside, which is able to charge six smartphones. Not only does it hold the power to charge a number of devices, but also charges two at a time. This charging device is incredibly portable based on its size, comparable to that of a smartphone, and includes the front LED that doubles as a flashlight when necessary. This will put an end to your boring commutes with a dead smartphone or getting lost while driving in an unfamiliar area, unable to access Google Maps.


4. Looxcie HD Explore

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Price: $249.99

With the increased interest and inclusion of video in everyday life and travel, the Looxcie HD Explore is sure to be a hit. This camcorder is high-quality, wearable, only 2.9 ounces, records 720p video at 60 frames per second or 1080p at 30 fps, and sends all the footage to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Looxcie HD Explore Clip can be clipped to your hat, bike helmet, car windshield, or surfboard to take everywhere and anywhere. There is also a $50 waterproof case available for the extra adventurous.


5. Philips Hue Connected Bulb


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Price: $199.99 for a three-bulb starter pack

The Philips Hue connected bulb is the ultimate convenience for 2015. The tools Philips provides allows for your bulb to become an extension for everything. It can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. It will turn off when you leave home by detecting your phone’s location,will wake you in the morning, and will warn you when important emails or packages arrive by flashing. The Hue can also detect the weather, such as rain or snow, without making you have to look out the window.


As technology evolves, it becomes more desirable by every type of individual, tech-savvy or not. With different price points and amenities, there is bound to be a gadget out there for everyone. Keep your eyes open for more to come, especially with birthdays and holidays in the new year. These desired gadgets of 2015 forecast the development for even more convenient and interesting technological concepts in the future.

-by Deirdre McAndrew 

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