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Though everyone has different circumstances when finding their perfect place to live in NYC, the process usually includes a considerable amount of stress. Let’s face it, New York is densely populated, people are moving in and out all of the time and, for many, living in the city of their dreams usually involves a bit of sacrifice on the lodging end. What’s more; apartment hunting can be pretty competitive. While you are mulling over whether you can swing a couple of hundred dollars more per month for some extra square footage or if a space’s recently renovated walls with precious exposed brick panels are worth the extra couple of blocks to the subway, other renters can easily swoop in and secure a lease under your nose.

Fortunately, in the past few years, search engines on the Internet have made the hunting process a little simpler. Services from Streeteasy to Craigslist allow inquirers to enter their price, area and size requirements and get a list of properties that fit the respective requirements. However that is usually as far as the refining process goes and hunters can easily face the dilemma of having to sift through hundreds of options to find a few that truly fit their lifestyle needs. In terms of learning about the neighborhood and whatever assets they posses, that is usually left up to prospective apartment owner to do their own exploring and research, which can compromise the time needed to make an offer/ fill out an application. In many cases renters have to commit to a place first, then discover if the surrounding area is compatible with their needs.

Fortunately, is raising the bar on online apartment resources by further refining search options to get an idea of a hunter’s lifestyle, not just their budget. By answering nine questions about themselves, apartment hopefuls can then be matched with properties that benefit their unique situations. They also used collected data to show how different areas are more livable then other in terms of their population, demographics and amenities. They also have their own algorithm that determines an area’s “Quality of Life Index” or how happy residences living in the area are based on their lifestyles.

These extra resources mean that hunters can have more productive trips to apartments rather than having to travel all over town to see hundreds of prospective options. And, since they are able to learn about the neighborhood as well as the space before they even make the trip to view it, they can commit to a place faster based on more informed decisions.

The developers and staff understand that committing to an apartment is a serious and binding matter, and that rushing to commit to a place could lead to living in a place that you are not completely in love with for at least a year. Their new resource allows for less dubiousness during the apartment hunting process so that renters can end up in a space that they can happily call their own in NYC.

Check out and get your personalized apartment hunting process started.

-by Johanna Silver

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