Art on the Ave NYC Displays Downtown’s Resilient Spirit

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Culture, Downtown Living, News

Strength by Deb Fong

In recent weeks, you may have seen vacant downtown storefronts be transformed into public art galleries. The Downtown Alliance has tapped the inspiring power of art to convey the city’s resilient spirit. They have joined with Art on the Ave NYC, to create Resiliency-A Gallery Walk.

“Public art in Lower Manhattan will help us mark our return in a thoughtful and joyous way,” Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin said. “Whether it’s storefront galleries, permanent outdoor sculptures or performances taking place across the neighborhood, the arts are flourishing downtown. We welcome New Yorkers to come rediscover and explore our neighborhood with fresh eyes.”

Thought Form I: Resiliency Joan Aglaia Choremi

Thought Form I: Resiliency by Joan Aglaia Choremi


Home + Coming by Kevin Byrd

Home + Coming by Kevin Byrd.


Art on the Ave NYC-Broadway

Art on the Ave NYC Gallery Walk

The public-art nonprofit Art on the Ave NYC launched the initiative in partnership with the Downtown Alliance in September . More than two dozen artists currently have pieces for sale, on display. They will remain up through Nov. 28.

For more information about the exhibits, or participating artists, or inquiries to purchase, visit

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