Major downtown cities that will consistently dominate in this market next year

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Luxury Condos in 2021 

Nowadays, various housing options are available and one of the hottest markets right now are condominiums. Owning a condo unit would be convenient since it offers a variety of perks such as access to recreational areas in the vicinity. Also, some condominiums are strategically located near the places people visit daily. It is also a way to avoid the long, daily commute for people living far from their work.

Where to Find the Best Condos

There are several cities near New York and Ontario where you can find some luxury condos at a great price. Fleur Condos is one of the thriving condominiums just located in Toronto, Ontario. This city is a great location for a condominium since it is near the border of the United States, which makes it easier to go to certain landmarks there if you want to go sightseeing. 


If you want to wander around locally, Toronto is full of great places to visit such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Toronto Eaton Centre. The city is also rich in cultural events like the Toronto Caribbean Carnival and the Trinidad & Tobago Festival. There are also national parks and great outdoor spaces located in the city, for people who love the outdoors.


Major downtown cities that will consistently dominate in this market next year

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If you want to look for other places in Ontario, there are more on this page which shows the available condominiums in the area. The condominiums built in Ontario have been upgraded and can now be on par with the new designs recently built in New York.

Great Cities for Condo Living

Other notable places to look at are Etobicoke, Vaughan, and Mississauga.


Suburban Etobicoke is a great place for people looking for condominiums near national parks since this place is full of them. Along with several shopping centers and history-themed streets, this place is great for active people who are always looking for a great time outdoors.



Vaughan is located just north of Toronto and it is the headquarters of the Canadian Ahmadiyya Muslim community. The city is also home to Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in Canada. The city is also filled with national parks.



Mississauga is a great place with a great view of Lake Ontario, with a mix of the urban and rural lifestyle. This place also has a great skating rink in the winter season which is widely popular in the holiday season.



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