Light Bites With a Nutritious Punch

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Humans are creatures of habit. Many find themselves ordering the same meals, at the same restaurants, day in and day out even though these choices are repetitive, and are often lacking the variety, and nourishment that bodies crave. Why be bored when there are nutritious, and tasty alternatives right under your nose? Here are some local light bites that will leave you and your body fueled and satisfied.

Photo courtesy of Honeybrains



The restaurant puts science and heart into its culinary creations. 3 siblings, one of whom is a neurologist,  created the restaurant. The trio seeks to make foods that are beneficial to both body and brain health. The menu is composed of the Honeybrains’ 5 food groups; vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and foods high in Omega 3s. Honeybrains then transforms its 5 food groups with, spices, fermented foods, and natural sweeteners to create a delicious and beneficial meal. Honeybrains will serve up a dish that will keep your body going, and keep you coming back for more.

Made Fresh Daily Bakeshop

Made Fresh Daily Bakeshop lives up to its name. Ingredients are natural and the shop exclusively uses organic dairy, local eggs, unrefined sugars, and unbleached flours. For lunch, they offer multiple soups, frittatas, salads, and sandwiches with quick, friendly, and consistent service. The energy is casual, contrasting the busy streets of the financial district, and making Made Fresh Daily the perfect lunchtime relief from a busy mornings work.




Souen is an organic macrobiotic restaurant that has been serving harmonious food to New Yorkers since 1971. The eatery follows the ideology that local, seasonal grains and vegetables will nourish physical health, spiritual health, and will benefit one’s relationship with nature. This ideology guides their cooking, but the restaurant never sacrifices flavor for health. Souen uses unrefined, unprocessed foods like brown rice, beans, fresh fish, and tofu to enhance the taste and health benefits of traditional Japanese dishes.



This restaurant, located on 49 Canal Street, is unassuming and quirky.  The space has a retro feel and a laid-back ambiance that makes it easy to walk past, but worth stopping for. Its patrons may feel at ease inside the small restaurant, but the food is hard-hitting with flavor and generous portion sizes. At Dimes, you can eat healthy food without realizing that you are in a health-conscious restaurant.


Photo courtesy of Mulberry and Vine

Mulberry and Vine

Mulberry and Vine’s restaurant’s motto is, “Live dirty eat clean.” Their location on 73 Warren St. is helping people live up to the restaurant’s advice. One of the most popular options is the pick 3 plate. Customers can choose 3 filling vegetable dishes, or 2 vegetables and 1 protein to create their own combo meal nutritiously. It may be difficult to choose just 3.

Switch up your summer eating routine by trying one of these light bites to satisfy your hunger, and to nourish your body. If you want more healthful summer suggestions, click here for summer snacking options.


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