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by | Jun 8, 2020 | Technology, Travel

All New Yorkers know how fast life is now. That is especially true in an area like Lower Manhattan with its buzzy atmosphere and vibrant community. 


One part of your personal life that might seem just as exciting as technology with the latest gadgets that are consistently hitting the market. From the latest tablets which allow you to use a Resorts Casino bonus when playing slots online to smart TVs and next-gen consoles, there is a lot of tech info to keep up with. The situation is not only limited to adults in modern society though – your kids will be just as au fait with the latest gadgets.


It is a good idea to keep up with the newest tech the kids use. Not only will doing this give you the knowledge to keep your kids safe when they use it, but it will also mean you are familiar with it and know what it is your kids are using. But just how can any savvy Lower Manhattan resident do this?


Engage with your children about them 


Perhaps the best way to keep up with whatever gadget your children have is to talk to them about it. Instead of letting them sit alone using it, take time to ask them about it, and find out what it does and how it works. Doing so will keep you in the loop, and it shows your children you are interested in what they are doing. Another great tip along the same lines is to have a go on the gadget with them yourself. It can be great fun, especially if it is something like the OnePlus 5 smartphone, a piece of wearable tech, or a video game console. 


Talk to other parents


One excellent tip for any New Yorker trying to keep up with technology is talking to other parents. Whether a quick chat at the school gates when you drop them off, talking to other parents you know at work or those you know socially, can be worthwhile. That is very important when it comes to mobile apps or social media sites which your child might have asked to access. If you do not know much about the app or website they are asking about, it makes sense to check with other parents for more info first – before saying yes. You will then be in a much better place to make an informed decision and know what it is they are using.


Keep up with tech news


Of course, another way to know all about the most popular gadgets for kids is to keep an eye on tech news. Whether it is via online news websites, tech news apps, or print media, this is both easy and worthwhile. All the most popular gadgets will get a big publicity push during the launch, which means there will be lots of information about them. You do not have to get too technical here and start memorizing specs or processing speeds! Just knowing what the gadget does, what potential dangers it could pose, and whether you think it’s suitable is enough. 


Make sure you are the one buying it 


This might sound a bit of a no-brainer, but it is more common than ever now for kids to be buying their tech themselves, often without parents knowing! You might think that this is only an issue for older ones; however, purchasing through online stores can be something that even younger ones are now able to do. That is an unsatisfactory situation as you could fall behind in terms of what tech your kids have or what gadgets they are using. 


It is essential for you to know what tech is being bought – whether older children use their own money to go shopping or younger ones buy stuff through your online account. Never let children have your account details so they can buy gadgets or upgrades themselves!


Tech moves fast – which means you have to as well 


If you live downtown in New York, or indeed anywhere else around the city, it is vital to keep up with the technology your kids may be using. The problem for many parents in the Big Apple is that this is a sector that moves so fast! You barely get your head around the latest gadget before something else comes out, or a new version is released. If you need a way to stay abreast of technology and keep your kids safe, the above tips are great ways to go about it. 




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