How to wear men’s Chelsea boots?

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Fashion

Men’s Chelsea boots are a type of shoes that originated in Great Britain. Although the first models appeared already in the mid-19th century, they became a real fashion success in recent years. Check out how to wear this model and in which combinations it looks best.

Chelsea boots are an absolute must-have for every man. Regardless of the style in which you feel best, your closet cannot lack this model. This footwear will be loved by men of all ages who appreciate its universal character. If you want to look fashionable and stylish, find out what to combine Chelsea boots with.

What are the characteristics of men’s Chelsea boots?

Although Chelsea boots gained the most popularity in the 1960s, their history begins much earlier, in 1851, when the first model resembling classic Jodhpur boots was produced. They were made on request of Queen Victoria, who needed shoes without laces, suitable for horse riding. With time, other advantages of this type of shoes, such as the comfort of use and a modern design at that time, were also appreciated. Several decades later, the Chelsea fashion was popularized by rock musicians, to whom we owe the name of this type of footwear. It takes its name from the London district where the members of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles came from.

Contemporary Chelsea boots are associated with urban style straight from London. The shoes are distinguished by a higher, reaching over the ankle, upper, and rubber inserts on the sides. They are usually made of natural leather or suede and come in classic colors (black, brown, grey). Chelsea boots have slightly rounded tips, thanks to which they fit perfectly to elegant stylizations. A big advantage of this type of shoes is the lack of a zipper and laces, which makes them much easier to put on and clean. If you are looking for the most fashionable men’s boots, you will find them at

The most fashionable outfits featuring Chelsea boots

One of the most interesting outfits with men’s Chelsea boots is combining them with an oversized jacket. This way you can create a very casual outfit, which is becoming more and more popular not only among celebrities from the front pages of magazines. Wear black Chelsea boots with ripped or slightly distressed jeans for an original look. This is a perfect proposition for those who like rock and grunge style, where you can afford to be a bit more playful and extravagant. Wear them with a bright T-shirt with an interesting print and a classic jeans jacket. Complete the outfit with colorful accessories, such as leather bands, socks, and a pair of sunglasses.

Chelsea boots are the perfect model if you want to combine different trends. Become your own stylist and find out that eclectic fashion is great fun! You can easily combine men’s boots with boho shirts, as well as with a woolen coat or light, quilted jacket in streetwear style. In such an original outfit, you will surely draw attention to yourself and present yourself as a real fashion icon.

Chelsea boots for every occasion

Chelsea boots are a classic that is coming back into favor. Dark-colored shoes can be worn with basically any outfit all year round. If you are not fond of formal outfits, you can easily wear them with jeans and a shirt. Add to it a leather jacket, which will give your look a little bit of daring character. The universal design of Chelsea boots makes this model a perfect base for casual fashion. They will look great with a V-neck sweater and chinos or jeans. For everyday outfits, it is worth choosing shoes made of suede leather, which will add lightness and charm to your image.

In formal fashion, Chelsea boots look good accompanied by a suit. Choose shoes made of glossy grain leather, in classic colors of black and dark brown. A double-breasted trench will be a perfect addition to an office outfit and will be perfect for colder days. In this case, it is worth choosing single-color models, without contrasting accents. This will make your outfit look professional, yet stylish and elegant. Although Chelsea boots will match many outfits, they are definitely not suitable for sports fashion. Therefore, avoid combinations with sweatpants, cargo trousers, and shorts.




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