Highlights from the 2016 Epiphone Revolver Music Awards’ Black Carpet

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Culture, Music

Earlier this week, the 2016 Epiphone Revolver Music Awards took place in the East Village’s Webster Hall. Notable attendees included Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, Orange Is The New Black actress Jessica Pimentel, celebrity chef Chris Santos, KISS co-founder Ace Frehley, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, comedian Don Jamieson and classic New York band Anthrax.

Downtown was on-site at the pre-event Black Carpet, which was hosted inside The Sports Bar on East 11th. As touring musicians are known to dine out regularly, we asked Epiphone Revolver Music Awards attendees about their favorite New York City restaurants. The owners of Vandal and Mira Sushi ought to be very pleased.

Frankie Bello, Anthrax – Santos’ restaurant, Beauty & Essex.

Jesse Leach, Killswitch Engage – Cookshop, 10th Avenue and 20th [Street]. It’s farm-to-table, legit. I’ve seen them driving the truck up to the place and taking the animals and veggies off the truck. That place is amazing. Super-good food.

Ann Courtney, Mother Feather: First thing comes to the top of my head is Yakitori Taisho. But I’ve gotta give some love to Chris Santos and Vandal. Vandal is outstanding.

Mina Caputo, Life Of Agony – I don’t know, there’s so many of them. It’s so hard to choose. That’s like asking me, “What’s my favorite artist?” Maybe Cafe Orlin, right over here.

Shaun Morgan, Seether – Ballato’s, it’s down on Houston [Street]. It’s a nice little Italian place, only five or six tables. Good place.

Elias Soriano, Nonpoint – Right now, the 5 Napkin Burger. It’s probably the best burger in the city right now.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Art Of Anarchy – One of my favorite restaurants was a place called Resto on 29th [Street] near Lexington and Park, but unfortunately they closed down. I would love going there and getting the deviled eggs and getting their pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious comfort food that just made you feel good.

John LaMacchia, Candiria – I’m going to say Vandal by Chris Santos. That’s my favorite spot right now.

Carley Coma, Candiria – Vandal as well. (laughs)

Danny Grossarth, Candiria – I don’t want to double-pick. (laughs) My favorite restaurant is Mira Sushi in Flatiron.

Leon Lyazidi, Cilver: I eat really late at night and there’s a place called L’express. It’s a 24-hour three or four-star French restaurant. Republic’s also awesome.

Uliana Preotu, Cilver: Mine is definitely by far Totto Ramen. I will stay in line for that ramen soup and I will eat it all because you cannot take it home. Go to Totto Ramen.

Ben Flanagan, Black Map: Sbarro’s. I wouldn’t go anywhere but Times Square for my pizza. (laughs) There’s a pizzeria called Nick’s that one of my best friends has worked at for years that I go to every time I’m here. That’s not the most sophisticated answer, but it’s better than Sbarro, right? (laughs)

Sarabeth Linden, Tower – My favorite restaurant is Sarabeth’s Kitchen, because I was named after Sarabeth’s Kitchen.

James Danzo, Tower – My favorite restaurant is Minitalia Pizza on Fresh Pond Road, owned by Rocco Labianca. The best slice you’ll ever have.

Philippe Arman, Tower – My favorite restaurant is a tiny place called Smile To Go. It is amazing.

Dylan Kirouac, The Wild! – I’ve only been here three times, and every time I see a radio station, a venue and a hotel. But I know you’ve got some good pizza, so you’ve got to show me where the best one’s at.

Matt Helpern, Periphery: Mira Sushi. Chef Brian Tsao. We’re big foodies, that’s a great spot to go.

Dave Davidson, Revocation – I just tried this placed called The Bao down the street. I’d never been there before. It was really, really good. I’ll tell you my favorite donut spot is Dough in Bed-Stuy. That place rules.

Frankie Palmeri, Emmure – Shout out to Nagoya on Kings Highway in South Brooklyn. That’s my favorite place to go to in all of New York.

Casey DC, 9ELECTRIC – Rizzo’s Pizza in Astoria, Queens.

Connor Garritty, All Hail The Yeti – Horchata Restaurant.

Mike Protich, Red Sun Rising: I don’t know. Every time I’m here, I’ve got to do press. (laughs)

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