Don’t Miss the “Goth Beach” Art Exhibition!

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Wednesday, June 30th is the last day to view the exquisite “Goth Beach”, a post-lockdown art exhibition, which has taken place at Rockaway Beach surf club since June 18th.

The show will feature paintings, illustrations, photography, film, and collage; all made by incredibly talented women. All pieces were created with the intention to fuse darkness and light both literally and figuratively.

Spearheading the show is Yana Toyber, who is also an artist featured in the exhibition.

Yana Toyber by C M Matias-Cortes.

Other artists include Cynthia K Cortes (her work is pictured in the cover image), Claudia Santiso, Ester Kärkkäinen, Etta Shon, Katrina Del Mar, Olivia Burgess, and Sarah Sweeney.

Cynthia K Cortes by her son, C M Matias-Cortes

Cynthia K Cortes’s beautiful images highlight the play between light and dark, intended by Goth Beach’s theme. They also play with feminity, which is appropriate for the all-women artwork, featured in the show.

Photos by Cynthia K Cortes

With only one day left of the Goth Beach exhibition, run, don’t walk, to get your foot in the door to this lovely celebration of art and women. Go before it is too late!

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