Fitness Friday: Barry’s Bootcamp

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Exercise, Health & Fitness

Barry’s Bootcamp isn’t like other gyms. Here, working out is a culture, expertly fitted around people with a contemporary lifestyle and with fun and fast as the centric elements. Fair warning, you may not feel that way as you’re pushed to your limit during a rigorous, full-body session, but you’re going to love Barry’s once the hour is up.

Yesterday, we had exactly such an experience during a 60-minute class called “Abs Spot” at the brand’s NoHo venue. The best part about Barry’s, apart from the fantastic, nightclub-esque, red lighting that makes you look amazing even as you’re struggling to breath, is the genius simplicity of its concept.You can easily register via the website without having to pay a sign-up fee, book a class and pop in at your leisure. There’s also no longer a need to hide out in tiny corners of big, scary gyms. Barry’s has a distinct community feeling and the classes are a mixture of experienced gym-goers and first-timers, with friendly instructors on hand to help.

Look out for the brand’s special events, too, such as this summer’s limited-time ‘Run. Lift. Rosé’, with samples of the brand’s own wine! Yes way, Barry’s Rosé!

After your workout, refuel with a Barry’s own recipe smoothie at the aptly named Fuel Bar. You’re going to love these nutritious drinks so much, you’ll do a workout just so you can reward yourself with one afterwards. With a wide range to choose from, you can stick to a classic, such as the Acai Berry or try one with the hottest foodie ingredient right now, Matcha.

Each location has the same look and feel; workout room with a row of treadmills and benches, the smoothie bar and a modern changing room, with added luxuries such as complimentary towels, body lotion, deodorant and even dry shampoo for a quick touch up (yay!). There’s also a retail section, where you can buy trendy statement t-shirts and fit fashion.

There’s a selection of strength and cardio interval classes and multiple locations to choose from. Barry’s Bootcamp is available in nine states, with five venues in New York City, as well as internationally in six countries with a recent expansion into Toronto, Stockholm and Milan.

“As we’ve carefully considered various cities and countries around the globe, our process included listening to our audience, prioritizing markets with high pent up demand, and assembling the right local teams to help grow our Barry’s family,” said the brand’s CEO Jose Gonzales.

“Understanding each market, and what makes it unique and special, is essential to fostering a Barry’s community. Our mission is to respect local nuance and culture and acclimatize the magic of Barry’s,” he added.

Tried and tested, we recommend you give Barry’s a go. Depending on your level of experience, you might be shocked at the intensity of the classes but keep pushing. Trust the Bootcamp, and the Bootcamp will deliver.

Photos courtesy of Barry’s Bootcamp

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