Celebrate Earth Day with Art and More from Earth Day Initiative

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Earth Day Initiative, a non-profit that promotes environmental awareness and solutions through partnerships with schools, community organizations, businesses, and government agencies, announced the expansion of its Do Just 1 Thing campaign leading up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 with a large-scale art installation and action center at its annual Earth Day event taking place on April 23, 2019 in Union Square.

The Earth Day 50 art installation will consist of artists Tim Peacock, Haleigh Mun, Helen Oh, Amit Greenberg, Lizzy Itzkowitz, Vinnie Neuberg, Jovanna Tosello, and Molly Egan creating large-scale pieces of art on site. The artists will be painting canvases around environmental themes relating to the Green New Deal to call attention to the sustainability solutions we can strive for as we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. A Do Just 1 Thing action center adjacent to the art installation will provide attendees with simple action items they can take to make a positive environmental impact. The action center will also ask attendees to share their own sustainability stories by offering solutions they see or would like to see in their own lives and communities.  The project is being supported by Milton Glaser, creator of the iconic I Love NY logo (consisting of black letters and a red heart), who will be creating a poster for the event.

“With the Earth Day 50 art installation, we hope to capture the public’s imagination around how we can solve our most pressing environmental challenges,” said Earth Day Initiative Executive Director, John Oppermann.  “The enthusiasm we’ve seen over the idea of a Green New Deal reflects how ready people are for positive action and real solutions when it comes to our environmental and societal challenges. The artists’ creations live on site at our event will stimulate conversation while our own action center and year-long campaign will keep the conversation going and empower people to take action in their own lives.”

One action item Earth Day Initiative is promoting is its campaign to empower individuals across the country to support clean energy with their monthly utility bill simply by filling out a quick form online. With a few clicks of a button, people can make an ongoing real-world impact with each month’s utility bill. With community solar projects in New York City, Earth Day Initiative’s partners are building brand new rooftop solar farms in the Bronx and Queens and anyone living in the five boroughs of New York City can lease portions of the panels, allowing them to support the development of brand new renewable energy in New York City, while saving them money.

“In recent years, we’ve encountered so many people who are eager to move things in a positive direction with regard to the environment and climate change,” said Oppermann. “We’re empowering people with simple actions they can take in their own lives and also asking the public to share their own sustainability stories so that we can learn from one another and work together toward a more sustainable future.”

The Do Just 1 Thing action center will be featured at the most popular Earth Day event in the country, taking place in Union Square on Tuesday, April 23rd from 12pm – 7pm. Free and open to the public, the annual festival celebrates Earth Day and offers visitors easy, actionable ways to make more sustainable and environmentally conscious choices in their everyday lives.

Event highlights include:

  • A live art installation where artists will paint large-scale canvases on various environmental themes relating to the Green New Deal live on site. The art will be sold with proceeds going to support Earth Day Initiative’s year-round environmental education programs.
  • An Earth Day action center where people can learn about simple things they can do to make a positive green impact in their own lives and also share their own sustainability stories of environmental solutions they see or would like to see in their own communities.
  • Dozens of exhibitors, including green lifestyle products and services.
  • Live performances, talks, entertainment.
  • Activities for kids and adults alike.
  • Local food and beverage vendors.
  • A special zero-waste fashion art installation and sustainable fashion-focused exhibition supported by H&M.

On Monday, April 22nd, Earth Day New York will organize the 5th annual Earth Day 5K Green Tour. New Yorkers are invited to get outside and visit green organizations around the city. The tour will include a visit to a river ecology school right on the Hudson River, a zero waste office, and a rooftop farm on top of an office building, among other unique destinations. Lunch will be provided by Just Salad.  The tour is a great way to get outside in advance of Earth Day to support great green sites and find out how to get involved, volunteer, and stay connected with green NYC throughout the year. For more information or to attend, visit earthday5k2019.eventbrite.com. We’ll see you there!

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