Downtown’s Look at Liv Ballard’s Wanderlust Collection

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Fashion

Wanderlust: it’s a magical, dreamlike feeling that tempts individuals to travel to new destinations. It’s also the theme centered around Liv Ballard’s jewelry collection, where globes and maps are amongst the designs for each unique piece.

Liv Ballard’s theme of wanderlust resembles the freedom of travel and promises collections “that satisfy both intellectually and aesthetically.” Each piece is a “statement of confidence” that embodies “sensual, sculptural and playful” characteristics.

Handcrafted in Rome, each globe pendant, which is part of Ballard’s permanent collection, consists of 18-karat gold. They’re decorated with precious jewels such as diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. The globes even spin on their axis, a feature unique to Liv Ballard that adds to the sculptural and playful look Ballard wants to achieve.

Sun and Moonstone Globe with Sandy Chain 3

Aside from the aesthetic of Liv Ballard’s jewelry, each individual piece tells a story. Whether it is historical or mythological, Ballard’s jewelry provides meaning; and more than that, they’re a part of something bigger than itself rather than a simple accessory to a trendy look.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards in January, going clad in one of Liv Ballard’s globe pendants would be a perfect touch.

You can purchase Liv Ballard’s collections at Saks Fifth Ave or on her website:



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