Downtown TripPicks: Apr. 2 – Apr. 9

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Trip by Skyscanner is an innovative planning tool that tailors recommendations for places to stay, eat and play to your specific tastes. It also allows you to share your great experiences with people who have the same interests as you; people in your “tribes.” Trip by Skyscanner’s TripPicks This Week feature empowers you to discover and take advantage of great events, openings and exhibits throughout the city each week.

Here are some exciting events and sites to check out this week in Downtown New York, courtesy of Trip by Skyscanner. Visit the Trip by Skyscanner site or download the app for more upcoming events.

Near-Future Fictions

The world of science-fiction doesn’t seem that far into the future, best to stay ahead of the game at New York’s very first science-fiction festival, Near Future Fictions, with readings by Jennifer Marie Brissett Brendan C. Byrne Tim Maughan and Joanne McNeil. FREE

The New School (Greenwich Village)
Friday, Apr. 6 from 7-9pm

Pillow Fight

Come out of hibernation and bring your feather-free pillow to Washington Square Park! The theme for this year’s pillow fight is space ponies. Join thousands that plan to whack winter away at this annual event, but, please, don’t swing your pillow too hard.

Washington Square Park (Greenwich Village)
Saturday, Apr. 7 from 3-5pm

Urban Voices in Art

Downtown Urban Arts Festival is an annual arts event that promotes “diversity in the arts by showcasing urban expression.” The performances (poetry, music, theater, and film) represent the rich variety of voices speaking out about the trials and tribulation of urban life. Tickets $10-$30.

Check site for complete list of venues (Lower Manhattan)
Saturday, Apr. 7-Saturday, May 12 (Check site for showtimes)

Havana Film Festival

The Havana Film Festival New York is the perfect opportunity to get the know the voices of Cuban and Latin American cinema. In addition to over 25 films, this 12-day festival features musical events and masterclasses including one with Cuban screenwriter and author Senel Paz. Tickets start at $12.61.

Check site for complete list of venues
Friday, Apr. 6-Tuesday, Apr. 17 (check site for showtimes)

Open Reading

Whatever your skill level, The Poetry Project’s Open Reading series is a chance to present your creative work to a warm audience and to mingle with fellow poetry enthusiasts. Tickets FREE-$8.

St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery (East Village)
Monday, Apr. 9 from 8-10pm

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