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by | Jul 13, 2015 | Beauty

The famed UK hair stylist, Tara Smith brought a fantastic line of hair care products for every hair type to the United States. After successfully styling Hollywood’s film industry, she sought to produce her own brand where the products concentrate on being both high-performance and environmentally friendly, a rare combination to find in the hair care industry. Typically, you only get one and end up sacrificing the other. However, Smith has found a unique formula that will “feed the hair from root to tip.”

A necessary product for any working girl’s medicine cabinet, the Base Coat Serum is the foundation for gorgeous locks. Starflower Seed Extract (rich in essential fatty acids) and Tegosoft CT (naturally derived from coconut oil) lock in moisture and smooth hair while also creating an anti-frizz barrier that last 24 hours. Results show the serum controls frizz in up to 80% humidity and increases shine by 65%. The bird featured on the serum is a hot pink Galah Bird from Australia who has soft, bold and colorful feathers.


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Make room in your purse for the brilliant Shining Moment Glosser. You will want to carry this product everywhere with you! A color-safe alternative to Jojoba Oil- Oeyl Erucate moistures the scalp while, Olive Squelane smoothes the hair and prevents UV damage. This combination of natural oils creates ultimate shine and smells fantastic. The bird featured on the glosser is a bright orange Cocktaoo from Australia who embodies confidence to almost the point of bragging.


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Every curly-haired woman knows they can never control how her hair will twist and fluff any given day. Now you can finally celebrate curly hair with the Working Curls Shampoo & Conditioner. Hydrating, shining, softening and soothing the texture of curly hair, this product finally defines curls and combats frizz using healthy ingredients. Soy Protein and Rosemary Extract refresh, condition and add a lovely rosemary scent to the hair. Resulting in soft, glossy curls you’ve always dreamed of having. The wild and unruly, Southern Crowned Pigeon from New Guinea is featured on the shampoo, perfect for this curly-haired product.


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Packed with a Flexiquat V amino acid complex, the Shine on Shampoo & Conditioner softens and repairs dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Oligogeline (derived from red seaweed) smoothes dull hair and boosts shine remarkably well. If your hair is color-treated, this is the product for you. However, anyone can use this product and still experience its fantastic strengthening and repairing power. The sleek, edgy and strong Pal Cockatoo bird from Australia is featured on the shampoo.


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Smith thrives on the fact that her products are “tested on film stars, not animals”. Her free, bohemian, eco-friendly personality translates into her products. The product’s packaging is rich with color and has a picture of a ravishing bird from somewhere in the world. The shampoos have the bird’s head while the conditioners are only painted with the bird’s feathers. You will never grab the wrong product again with this unique and original design. Smith specifically chose the birds on each product, assessing their origin and feather story to match the product.


All these amazing products are available on with prices ranging from $16 – $26.

-by Isabel Insolia 

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