Dîner en Blanc 2019: Where There’s Wine, It Pours

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Culture, Dining, Events

When it rains, it pours, but Dîner en Blanc guests kept the party going even when storms tried to dampen the fun. NYC attendees of Wednesday night’s Dîner en Blanc, a worldwide pop-up picnic experience, faced down an evening storm, causing some to flee for drier pastures. Many stayed, brandishing stylish umbrellas prepared for just such an occasion, but were eventually forced to retreat by thunder and lighting.

The gathering was the ninth such event hosted in New York City. The worldwide event traces its roots back to the late ’80s, founded in France as a friendly tradition by François Pasquier. 5,500 attendees brought food, table settings, and all-white evening wear to a mystery location, revealed last minute, for a picnic event replete with music and entertainment. Guests were advised to bring umbrellas or rain ponchos in anticipation of the weather.

Downtown’s own Grace A Capobianco was on the scene, surveying the scene and enjoying the fare, when the storm hit. “It was wonderful having Dîner en Blanc back here at battery Park city,” she told us, “We think it’s the best place to have any beautiful outdoor event, especially the world-famous Dîner en Blanc. 

“As always every detail was thought of prior to the event. Dîner en Blanc prepares one of the largest events to hit the city in an organized fashion, and when it leaves, the area is as pristine as it was when they arrived. We are proud to cover Dîner en Blanc once again, as we have been since 2015.”

The event has experienced wide popularity in the city with attendees as well as partners, including Citi Entertainment, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Sofitel, Taittinger Champagne, President Cheese, and our own Downtown Magazine.

Check out some of the awesome pictures of the event, courtesy of Eric Vitale and Dîner en Blanc International.

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