Diamond Dallas Page on his Oct. 16 DDP YOGA workshop, his favorite New York City healthy eats, and more

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Health & Fitness, Sports

Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page has had a career like no other. After forging a successful path in the nightclub world — first in his native New Jersey, then later in Florida — he decided to become a professional athlete at the age of 35. After defying the odds in becoming a world champion athlete, he struck gold again by as the inventor and spokesperson for his own fitness program, DDP YOGA. Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased DDP YOGA, as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, while Diamond Dallas Page himself remains in-demand as an actor and on-air personality; last month he spent 10 days on-set of a forthcoming Adi Shankar project in Los Angeles.

DDP YOGA continues to be more than just a series of work-outs, as Diamond Dallas Page is bringing his DDPY Inspiration Meets Perspiration workshop to the Crowne Plaza Monroe South Brunswick Hotel on Oct. 16. The event is slated to be far more than a workout, which DDP explained in his Q&A with Downtown. He also spoke about his new successful Video Alarm Clock app and where a New Yorker can eat healthy and deliciously in New York.

For more info on all things Diamond Dallas Page, click on over to www.dallaspage.com, while DDPY — which is currently have a 15% off sale for Fall — is online at www.ddpyoga.com.

DDP in action

DDP in action

What do you wish more people knew about DDP YOGA?

Diamond Dallas Page: That DDPY is for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga, and anyone can do it at any level!

I assume that most of the original people who did DDP YOGA were wrestling fans. Has that changed over time?

DDP: Actually it’s always been about 50/50 wrestling/non-wrestling fans from the beginning! So many were inspired by seeing transformations like Arthur Boorman. It always cracks me up when someone apologizes for not being a wrestling fan — I love that they’re not. (laughs)

Where did the idea for your alarm clock app come from?

DDP: Wade Keller told me in an interview one day that he wished I could get me to call him to wake him up and give him some inspiration and motivation to get on the mat. I hung up from the interview thinking: “What about if I could with a video wake-up alarm? Hmmm.” The idea started in my head. Today it’s a reality. Go to your app store download DDP’s Alarm Clock today!

For someone thinking of coming to see you in New Jersey, what should be expected? A typical DDP YOGA workout?

DDP: NEVER! They should expect to get much more than they ever expected. My DDPY Inspiration Meets Perspiration workshop will get you so inspired you will feel like you can run through a brick wall, and of course the second half you’re going to sweat your ass off! They will learn how to own their breath and own their life, then they will learn first hand what “dynamic resistance” is, and the “Diamond Dozen” so they can modify when need be in order to make the workout their own!

Any idea when you will next have an event in New York City?

DDP: Nothing on the books at this time for New York City.

Is there anything you miss about living on the East Coast?

DDP: We do live on the East Coast. (laughs) We live in Atlanta but I miss Jersey, so I try to get back as much as possible to see my family and friends I grew up with. I’ll always be JERSEY Proud!

You’re known to eat healthy. Do you have a favorite healthy restaurant in New York City?

DDP: The Little Beet and HU Kitchen are great places we can eat organic options, gluten-free and cow-dairy-free. It’s one of the main reasons I can do everything I can do at 60 years young!

Finally, Dallas, any last words for the kids?

DDP: Anything is possible. Never underestimate the power you give yourself by believing in YOU! You can follow me at @RealDDP and @DDPYOGA.

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