“Caraoke Showdown” host Craig Robinson appearing Mar. 2 to 5 at Gotham Comedy Club, chats about New York City

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Culture, Entertainment

Craig Robinson
After years of study and performance with Second City’s Chicago troupe, Craig Robinson had a breakout role on playing Darryl Philbin on The Office. Since then, Craig has been a part of plenty hit movies, including Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machine, Sausage Party and This Is The End. He has also taken the lead on several television shows, including the 2015 NBC sitcom Mr. Robinson and the new Spike series Caraoke Showdown.

As demanding as his on-screen work can be, Craig has never stopped doing stand-up. He returns to the area today, Mar. 2, for a four-night stand at Gotham Comedy Club. In support of his Gotham appearances, Craig spoke to Downtown. More on Craig, his comedy and his musical pursuits can be found at www.mrcraigrobinson.com.

Where was the first stand-up gig you ever played in New York? What do you remember about it?

Craig Robinson: The first stand-up gig I played in New York was at Stand Up New York. I was filming Premium Blend on Comedy Central the next day and wanted to get a set in. I remember there were not a lot of people, but the crowd we had was hot. Just a great room.

You’re also known to be a great vocalist and pianist. Did you ever play a proper band show in New York?

CR: (laughs) Thank you! I have brought the Nasty Delicious to New York, but we have always mixed comedy and music. So I have never played a proper band show in New York, but I have sat in on some proper band shows.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

CR: My favorite restaurant in New York is EN at 435 Hudson Street. So delicious. Shout-out to Reika!

Is there something you wish more people knew about Craig Robinson?

CR: I am a Scorpio and therefore very private. So there is not something I wish more people knew about me.

Finally, Craig, any last words for the kids?

CR: Last word for the kids…You are the future. You are going to inherit this world and keep it going. Put your phone down and build. Build love. Build relationships. Learn to work hard as appreciate your individuality.

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