The Bean Bag For Your Phone: The Toddy Wedge

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Technology

Toddy Wedge 2

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If you are like most people with a pulse in the city, you have a phone and care for it very much. Whether we phone-ophiles would like to admit it or not, we are obsessed with their well being because, let’s face it, we don’t function properly when our phone doesn’t. So to ensure that your device is constantly comfortable and, in even having its technological life lengthened, springing for a Toddy Gear Universal Wedge Stand for your phone can be a decidedly responsible, not at all frivolous, investment.

These cute little bean bags have a grove that props your phone up to a comfortably tilted position so that you can swipe photos and observe texts without even having to pick it up. They are brightly printed and keep your phone elevated closer to your eye line so you are that much less likely to accidentally bump it, sending it over the edge of your desk.

To further the pampering of your much beloved device, the beanbag also comes with a cloth for cleaning its screen and making it look like new.

Let’s face it, without your phone, you would be lost, hopelessly out of touch with friends you never see and constantly bored in line for coffee shops. Our phones do so much for us, so why not show it some unabashed luxury? The wedges run for around $14.99 and can be purchased on their website.