American vs French Weddings

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Bridal, Culture, Fashion, Makeup

By Léna Andrè

If there is one thing that French people can’t be beaten at, it’s their effortlessly chic style. Comfortability is their mood for everyday life, but it is especially relevant in French weddings. Everyone is relaxed and wants to have a wonderful time. Americans do things a bit differently, which also leads to beautiful weddings. I’ll make a short list with all the most important things to do if you’d like to change it up and go for a French and effortlessly chic wedding theme.

Number 1: Theme, culture, and traditions

America and France are two different countries; that makes them two different worlds with different cultures and traditions. French weddings are representative of an effortlessly chic theme. America has a different culture and is more represented by a huge ceremony a with big, sexy dress, very elaborate hairstyles and lots of beautiful makeup. On the contrary, France is known for their simple and chic weddings. There are a few iconic French weddings, which you can take some inspiration from to have a better idea of what the French wedding style truly is.

Photo by Arkady Borisenko

Number 2: Not showing too much

Fashion is constantly changing, but a simple style is always a safe bet. Maybe the biggest difference between these two lands is that France is more into not showing everything that’s under a woman’s wedding dress. Americans’ flashy dresses that show off too much are the opposite of what the French have tried to achieve. French girls would rather wear a long-sleeve dress and show off their back than show off everything. The perfect French wedding dress has to represent the delicacy of chicness and refinement thanks to what a fabulous, seductive look will come out in a beautiful subtlety.

Number 3: Veil and/or Crown

Whether or not you are wearing a veil is something you have to decide for yourself. Veils will always bring some mystery and an expression of renewal once it is pulled up, revealing a new woman, with whom your future half will build a new life after the sacred ceremony. A flower wreath is also a well-known addition, making the look more of a bohemia, winsome and charming style. You can get some from the French company Coded. This brand is making amazingly beautiful wreaths with natural flowers preserved biologically, called Les Couronnes de Victoire. Americans aren’t particularly the biggest fans of veils but Les Couronnes de Victoire is a for-sure crowd pleaser.

Photo by Noelle Franzen

Number 4: “No-makeup” makeup look

Makeup is extremely important because this is the one day of the year or even a lifetime where you have to be the most beautiful. That’s why a no-makeup makeup look is a perfect match for a really simple but beautiful wedding. I think it will make you look your best and bring out your innermost beauty. The American look is more of a full face comprised of super sophisticated makeup, which costs a bunch of money. Both are beautiful, of course; it is up to you to choose which one you feel the most comfortable with.

Number 5: Hairstyle

Just as the rest of the list, the hairstyle is incredibly important. In fact, a simple hairstyle is the best option if you are looking for a French wedding style. Just not doing too much! Try to avoid tight, rigid hair buns or full hairspray because it makes your hair look hard and unnatural.

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