6 Food Items Worth Trying This Summer

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Culture, Dining, Downtown Eats Guides, Recipes


I go through my days eagerly awaiting my next meal. I eat dinner, go to sleep, then fall asleep dreaming about food. Whether it is an expertly crafted medley of grape-nuts, corn flakes, blueberries and yogurt, or a gourmet plate of pasta, I spend an exorbitant amount of time daydreaming about food. When I moved to New York City I became immediately aware I was in a special place. Yes, the architecture of the many historic buildings is breathtaking, and the ceaseless opportunities to see plays and concerts are thrilling. However, I was smitten with the bagels. Thick slabs of cream cheese and fresh lox, large bowls of steaming warm ramen and $1 slices of cheesy pizza.

The plethora of options for different types of cuisine in New York is exhilarating, yet the countless choices can be overwhelming. I have some strange type of food FOMO I will choose the wrong restaurant or ice cream shop and end up missing out on the most authentic pad thai or creamiest gelato. One method I have started to use to combat this irrational fear, is food accounts on Instagram. The bright enticing photos allow me to preview my meals before selecting where I would like to eat and give me inspiration as to what new and exciting food items I should try.

Through my late night scrolling, many samplings and numerous food related conversations with friends, I have come to a conclusion of a few current trends in New York City that are worth trying, as well as the best places to find these mouthwatering dishes:


The Sushi Burrito


Places To Go: Uma Temakeria, Pokeworks, Hai Street KitchenSushirrito


The Sushi Burger


Places to Go: Redeye Grill


Poke Bowl


Places to Go: Pokeworks, Wisefish, Onomea


Ice Cream Sandwiches


Where to Go: Melt BakeryOddfellows – The Sandwich Shop, Francois Payard Bakery NYC, Coolhaus, Ice and Vice


Rolled Ice Cream


Where To Go: 10 Below Ice cream, Juicy Spot Cafe, ICE NY


Pasta Served in a Parmesan Wheel

o spaghetti-cacio-e-pepe-4-683x1024

Where To Go: Cacio e Pepe, Basta Pasta

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