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Sustainability in the design industry, otherwise called “green” interior design, is known to be an increasingly-growing segment. Staying trendy and keeping up with the hot style can be tough, but remaining in the sustainable design industry is starting to become easier and easier with designers switching over to green design.

According to the Green Building Initiative (2014), the “three performance indicators for sustainable design are energy efficiency, materials choices and resource consumption, and indoor environmental quality.” The benefits of sustainable design fall into three different categories, the WBDG sustainable committee states. Those categories include environmental benefits, economical benefits, and societal benefits, all of which can be affected directly or indirectly. Along with the outside benefits, having a sustainable environment can affect you positively by providing a healthy, safe, and comfortable living space.

Knowing the background of sustainable design is essential, but once you know that, the next step is finding different design companies who focus on green design  who are also trendy and stylish. Below are companies with interior designs that are sustainable and trendy.


Photo courtesy of MINNA (pillow & rug)

MINNA was founded in 2013 by Sara Berks and is a New York-based home textile brand. MINNA uses traditional craft techniques along with employing a cottage industry approach to produce ethically made goods with a contemporary edge. The designs are lively and inspired by Feminist art, the Bauhaus, traditional craft, and vintage textiles. Berks shoots for the type of feel and story: “nostalgic with a touch of rebellion.” To ensure craft preservation and job creation, MINNA partners with master weavers and artisan collectives in Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay. Although MINNA doesn’t create furniture, you can find all types of decor like blankets & throws, kitchen textiles, rug, pillows, wall hangings, etc. to keep your home ethical yet modern day style. All in all, MINNA is a perfect choice to decorate your home.


Photo courtesy of urbangreen (couch & dresser)

Urbangreen is home furnishings professionals based in Brooklyn, NY. Their team locally designs and handcrafts real wood furniture that are sustainable and stylish, thoughtfully built to last. They design in all different styles from “iconic” trends from the past to modern styles of traditional, or classic, styles. They’re committed to organic, sustainable concepts in their products and practices to contribute to a healthier indoor air at home and in the workplace. Their furnishes are crafted and finished by Brooklyn artisans utilizing durable materials and finishes without toxins and allergens. They categorize their furniture by bedroom, kids, living, dining, office, collections, accessories, sale, and custom. Urbangreen is there for you from designing your perfect home to giving you a great shopping experience.


Photo courtesy of Uhuru (loungercoffee table)

Founded in 2004 and based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Uhuru is a multi-disciplinary high end, custom design furniture firm focusing on timeless, sustainable design.  They focus on high-profile projects in the commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. From the beginning, Uhuru has been accepted as one of America’s most innovative design firms and an image of Brooklyn. They believe that each piece made, designed, and produced should add to a greater good in the world. Of exceptional quality furniture and spaces, Uhuru is there for you providing vibrant, creative living spaces.

Canvas Home

Photo courtesy of Canvas Home (dining table & side table)

Canvas Home was founded in 2008 by Andrew Corrie. His vision was to incorporate a combination urban chic and a more relaxed country aesthetic. Canvas Home is a “collection of modern, sustainable home goods, inspired by the beauty of hand crafted objects. Their motto ‘simple, sustainable, style’ perfectly summarizes their design philosophy and world goals.” Some of their core beliefs include artisans who know and love their craft, creating things that live happily in a city, country, or beach home, designing beautiful things you’ll want to live with forever, non-profit organizations their big fans of aid to artisans, sourcing American-made products, beauty imperfections, and more. Their goods are categorized by home, dining, flatware, decor, furniture, and collections. Canvas Home states “the home is a blank canvas, let us help you paint a unique picture, reflective of the life you lead.”

Cliff Young Ltd.

Photo courtesy of Cliff Young Ltd. (DeskEntertainment Unit)

Starting over 48 years ago, Cliff Young Ltd. aims to bring to life an extraordinary, modern furniture collection combining modern day sophistication with the warm, inviting feel of old world craftsmanship throughout well-thought functionality, solid engineering, and eco-friendly mindfulness. Their design team has created award-winning furniture designs, custom pieces, and built-ins. Starting with Alberto Azzolina, he founded Cliff Young Ltd. in 1968, but later on changed his name to Cliff Young. Following in her dad’s footsteps, Leslie Young joined the firm in 1988, creating a trendy furniture business, keeping up to date with lifestyle trends and constant innovation in the use of materials and textures, leading to sustainability and the creation of their LuxeGreen program. Although Cliff Young Ltd. collections have gradually evolved overtime, they make sure to keep tune with their modern aesthetic and sensibility to the way we live today while keeping an eye out to the future.

Whether you take the route of MINNA, urbangreen, Uhuru, Canvas Home, or Cliff Young Ltd., or a mix, or upcycling old furniture, Downtown Magazine is confident that along with helping the environment, your design aesthetic will create a positive, comfortable atmosphere you will love.

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