The Most Fashionable & Gorgeous Bridal Dresses of 2019

by | May 28, 2019 | Bridal

One of the most important days in a woman’s life is when she walks down the aisle and finally says, “I do.” It is only fitting that everyone woman looks and feels her best as she says her everlasting vows.

Most wedding dresses follow the trends set by British royal princesses, from Princess Diana all the way back to Queen Victoria–who, by the way, was the original trendsetter for the white wedding dress.

Now, 2019 has brought all new fashion thanks to the dueling styles of sisters- and princesses-in-law Kate and Meghan. Today’s dresses might not mirror our favorite Disney classics like they used to, but there are still some voguing styles which will, I’m pretty convinced, make you want your own bridal dress.

Dreams about weddings usually symbolize a transition or a new beginning. That’s why, I think, the most important day of your life should be spent in an amazing, gorgeous, unique dress that represents the beginning of your unique royal adventure.

By Léna Andrè, Summer Intern

Downtown Magazine